Time Running Out on This Month’s R3 Sticker Contest

Tim Haran Associates, Contests, USANA Leave a Comment

We’re nearing the end of another month, and you know what that means: Time is running out for you to show us where you see R3!

Hurry and snap a picture, write a few words about where it is, what you’re thinking, how it represents Rev3, etc. and send them in (here’s who won last month).

Winners will be chosen in early May and will receive a supercharged Rev3 prize pack (which includes an exclusive R3 T-shirt available only to sticker-contest winners).

So get clicking and send in your best shots! We’ve already received quite a few awesome photos. The public relations/social media teams will have our hands full choosing a winner.

Here’s where I saw R3 on Saturday.

As I stood near the finish line of the Salt Lake City Marathon, I watched the sheer joy of accomplishment etched in the faces of competitors who had just completed a grueling 26.2-mile run. What an amazing feat! Rev3 Energy is all about pushing yourself, living a healthy lifestyle, and reaching new heights. These competitors definitely embody the Rev3 spirit.

As you continue sticking, keep in mind the following:

  • Be sure to submit photos of the clear-background R3 stickers (not the red and yellow Rev3 stickers).
  • When considering where to stick the sticker, think highly visible places.
  • Don’t forget to include a brief story about the photo (where you are, what made you decide to stick R3 there, etc.).
  • E-mail submissions to whatsupusana@usana.com.
  • Have fun!

We can’t wait to see where R3 shows up next!


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