USANA’s Daniel Perez Continues Bodybuilding Training

Tim Haran USANA 3 Comments

You may remember about three months ago I introduced you to USANA employee Daniel Perez. At that time, the 25-year-old forklift driver had just embarked on a training program to prepare himself physically and mentally for bodybuilding competitions next year.

I caught up with Dan again late last week and must say, he’s well on his way to making some noise in the world of bodybuilding. A strict diet (4,000 calories a day, according to his trainer, USANA’s own Devan Foster), an impressive exercise regimen, and daily doses of USANA’s HealthPak™ and Nutrimeal™ are helping Dan get to where he wants to be — an elite bodybuilder.

Below is another video of Dan. I think you’ll be impressed with his latest accomplishment — lifting 100-pound dumbbells … multiple times.

We’ll check back periodically with Dan as he gets closer to competing at his first bodybuilding event. For now, enjoy the video and please feel free to share it with others — it’s another example of how USANA is helping to change lives.


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  1. Daniel Karlee told me i could find you here you done a great Job keep the good work your body is all you have live right take care of it~M

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