USANA Athletes: Achieving Greatness

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I received a few notes this week about athletes associated with USANA who accomplished some remarkable feats and I wanted to share them with you.

First up, congratulations to three-time XTERRA Triathlon World Champion Melanie McQuaid. Last Saturday, the USANA-sponsored triathlete won the XTERRA USA Championship in Ogden, Utah.

“Winning the 2009 XTERRA Cup Triathlon Series and the XTERRA USA Championship in Utah this year was all about consistency,” Melanie said. “I needed to be consistent in terms of my overall ability and with my health over a really long season. I am thankful that I have support from USANA, and I am confident USANA nutritional support was a secret weapon in coming to races ready to win.”

Be sure to keep updated on all of Melanie’s achievements by checking out her blog and following her on Twitter @racergirlmel.

Next, race car driver Billy Johnson picked up another first-place finish (on the heels of this victory). The avid USANA-product user won Redline Time Attack Series in Pahrump, Nev., beating the second-place finisher by a full 5 seconds. Way to go!

Jennifer Azzi, Olympic gold medalist and USANA Ruby Director, is doing great things all over the world. Here’s the latest on her blog (you’ll want to check her blog frequently to see all the amazing things she’s doing to promote proper nutrition, health and fitness, and USANA).

While Cris “Nightmare” Arreola may not have defeated Vitali Klitschko in last weekend’s nationally televised heavyweight title fight, he definitely won some fans with his hard-fought effort. And plenty of his supporters were proudly wearing Rev3 gear ringside.

Finally, while not athletes in the conventional sense, the firefighters in the video below (from an event in August) are definitely in peak physical condition and true competitors. If you’ve checked out the Rev3 Facebook Page recently, you may have seen this video. Thanks to Elisha Levon for sending it our way. Enjoy… Go Team Rev3!!!

As always, please feel free to let me know if you know of USANA athletes achieving greatness. And be sure to stay updated on all of the accomplishments by USANA athletes by becoming a fan of USANA Athletes on Facebook.


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