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Total Domination is something we take great pride in at USANA, and part of my job is to coordinate, compose and submit all award applications on behalf of our company. So whenever USANA wins an award, it’s a testament to all your hard work in the field as well as to the team of world-class employees we have in our corporate offices.

USANA applies for a variety for awards each year, ranging from our outstanding products to our excellent customer service team to USANA’s overall success as an international company.

And as you may have seen on the blog or at convention, we’ve won quite a few.

The Process
The award application process requires quite a bit of organization and clear communication.

When I receive an award application, either through the mail or from other managers, the first thing I look at is the deadline, which I add to my calendar. After that, I go online to find out the specific application requirements.

All award applications are different. Some ask me to answer a series of questions, others ask for an essay about certain achievements, some ask for physical products to evaluate, and some of the more complex application ask for all the above, including customer and employee feedback.

Once I determine what kind of information I need (science, health and wellness, philanthropy, etc.) I work with other departments to make sure I get all the necessary information.

Recently, I submitted an application for a Stevie Award on behalf of USANA’s excellent customer service team. I worked closely with Robby Gold, USANA Director of Customer Service, to make sure we explained exactly what sets our customer service team apart from the rest.

I send the completed application to editing for feedback and then I send it to Dan Macuga, our legal team and science information (if applicable) for approval. Finally, I can send it off! And, I’m happy to report, I haven’t missed a deadline yet!

The Best Part
When we receive notification that we won an award (which happens often!), we obviously want to tell all of you about it! We determine which messaging platform to use based on the importance of the award as well as space availability.

You may see award announcements on this blog, in the weekly newsletter or on We also write a press release and get the award professionally framed to hang in the awards gallery at the USANA corporate office for everyone to see!

Accolades Everywhere
I can definitely say that by filling out all of our award applications, I have learned a lot about USANA and its many working parts. Over the past year we have won numerous awards. Some of my favorites include:

See for Yourself, Share the News
If you ever get the chance to visit Salt Lake City, Utah, and the USANA Home Office, be sure to check out USANA’s Award’s Gallery (located near the Lean Café and and will call area). There, you will see more than 50 plaques, certificates, medals and other awards that USANA has won over the last 17 years. It is quite impressive!

And I’m sure many of you already do this, but be sure to keep these accolades in mind when talking to others about USANA. These types of awards provide instant credibility and offer third-party recognition for our top-rated nutritional products, our first-class events, and many other aspects that make USANA such an amazing company.


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