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The 2010 Winter Games start in two weeks! We at USANA are incredibly excited, mainly because six teams and a number of individual athletes who will be competing on sport’s grandest stage trust their health to USANA (here’s a complete list of compensated USANA athletes).

USA Luge is one of those teams, and our relationship with the organization and the Utah Olympic Park allowed for several USANA employees to take their turn sliding down an honest-to-goodness Olympic luge run last Saturday.

It was truly an amazing experience, as you’ll see from the following video clip. Nick Reynolds, USANA marketing manager, and myself joined other USANA employees — including Dave Wentz, Alan Bergstrom, and Roy Truett — and even two New York Times journalists for an incredible thrill ride.

Note: Be sure to check out the Corporate Blog for an incredible look at Dave Wentz’ thrilling ride.

We strapped on helmets and adjusted elbow pads. Jon Owen, a 1988 Olympian, gave a quick lesson before letting us loose on Curve 12 (of 15). Each of us took two runs from that point before somehow finagling our way to a higher starting point — the so-called “tourist start” — for our third run. The extra distance shaved about 5 seconds off our time from Curve 12 to the finish, but it sure felt like we were going a lot faster.

When the powder settled, each person’s three times were combined and a winner was named. I won’t ruin the surprise, but I will say a certain blogger did quite well. Of course, the times pale in comparison to what the the world’s elite will turn in Feb. 13-17 in Vancouver. But for a moment we felt like Olympians.

I see R3 at 35 mph on an Olympic luge run!

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  1. Congratulations, Tim!!!

    So where is the footage from Dave's helmet camera???

    So happy you all had fun, and ( the mom in me) No one was hurt!

    We'll all be cheering the whole Luge team this Olympics, and waiting for the Usana corporate Luge team in 2014 ;~)


  2. Thank you, Robin!

    Yes, no one was hurt. They said we'd experience "bruised elbows and bruised egos" but I didn't see much of that (well, maybe an ego or two 🙂

    I can't wait to watch USA Luge next month!

    By the way, did you find Dave's helmet-cam video? It's on the corporate blog.


  3. We love the enthusiasm of Usana management and their courage to give the Luge a try. Maybe you can be spares for the U.S. Olympic Luge team in Vancouver!

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