Bid on Celebrity-Signed USANA Posters to Benefit CHF Haiti Relief Efforts

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Hey Everybody!

Sundance is over and I’m recovered, mostly. Who knew rubbing elbows with celebrities could be so taxing? All that hobnobbing has its benefits — and here they are!

We have something for a lucky few. What is it, you ask? Well… we have four posters featuring USANA’s HealthPak, MyHealthPak, and Essentials — and they’re each adorned with celebrity signatures!

There is a poster for each day we were at the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge at Sundance, and each has its own unique autographs!

You’ll see names like Paris Hilton, Lea Thompson, Samuel L. Jackson, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Tom Arnold, Marisa Tomei, Bradley Cooper, Olivia Munn, Edie Falco, and many more!

But how do you get one of these 22″ x 29.5″ spectacular posters? A poster that would look awesome at your next meeting, by the way. What a conversation starter, too!

It’s easy! Just head on over to Ebay and check it out!

Bids for each poster start at $50. Bid early and often because the money raised goes directly to Children’s Hunger Fund to help out with Haiti relief!

It’s a win, win! Not only do you get a totally awesome celebrity-signed poster, but you also help the children of Haiti. So head on over to Ebay and start the bidding! Hurry, though! The auction ends February 22.

Why not collect the whole set! Remember, it’s all for a good cause. Check out for more information.


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