Team USANA: Getting There is the Important Experience

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I drove into Vancouver City this morning. With only one lane open on the Lion’s Gate Bridge it was still smooth sailing. Only a few of the roads were closed or restricted for Olympic traffic and it was easy to find a one-way street going the way I was. It only took a moment to find a parking place on a quiet side street. But that was at 4:45 a.m.

At 3:30 p.m., just an hour before the Canada vs. Sweden hockey game, I decided to swing over to Stanley Park and capture a couple of the images I talked about on my blog this morning. With two lanes open going south it was still slow going to access the bridge. There was no place to turn into Stanley Park and so I decided to turn around at my first opportunity in the city and enter the park going north.

The traffic was backed up as people searched unsuccessfully for places to turn and/or park. I slipped up the first right turn I found, made another right and ran smack into a traffic jam. Twenty minutes later I was able to turn back toward the park, thanks to a broken down public transit bus and two efficient police officers.

Then I discovered that there was no northbound access from the park onto the bridge so I had to return home, without pictures, and in about the same total time it took me to run it in the morning.

In order to avoid these situations, and to support the green initiative, I’ve been taking public transportation to the venues.

Vancouver has worked hard to make this convenient and I plan to write more about this in a future blog. However, I have had the point driven home that the joy — as well as the trial — is in the journey. I really enjoy the media vignettes that capture the path the athletes have taken to reach this pinnacle of their success.

I love to see the joy on their families’ faces as they cheer and cry for their children and siblings. I am mesmerized as I listen to parents talk about how they got involved and built strong families around their children’s passion for a sport.

This week I have personally felt a variety of emotions for the Team USANA athletes.

USA Luge had a great year of sliding but came away without a medal and Biathlon Canada is frustrated as well. Meantime, the United States and Canadian speedskaters are on top of the podium.

I am proud of my “children” and cheer with them as they compete and cry with them when they don’t reach their goals. It’s all on the line right now but most of the athletes understand that the joy is in the journey.


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