Team USANA: Let the Games Begin!

Alan Bergstrom Team USANA, USANA Leave a Comment

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Wow! Today starts the Games and what a beginning.

Up early on the plane to Seattle and then driving through the rain to the border. I was warned that the border wait was going to be at least two hours. But the sun came out at Bellingham and there wasn’t a car in front of me at the immigration station. A friendly gentleman welcomed me warmly to Canada and the Olympics.

The Opening Ceremonies were filled with emotion from the tragic loss of the luge athlete from Georgia to the proud smiles of the Canadian Team being cheered as the home team. All were represented from countries attending their first Olympics to those that have been there every time.

I hope you noticed that Mark Grimmette of USA Luge was carrying the US flag and Clara Hughes of Speed Skating Canada held the flag of Canada. Our sponsored teams and athletes make up almost 100 participants at these Games. We at USANA are so proud to be associated with athletes and teams of this caliber.

Get ready over the next couple of weeks to watch in wonder, to cheer and cry, and to marvel at those who have given up so much to represent their country at these events…

And keep an eye on What’s Up, USANA!


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