Heading Into Week 3 of the Summer Slimdown

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Great work everyone! I hope you have given yourself a pat on the back as we just made it through our second week of Kathy Kaehler’s Summer Slimdown.

A new workout will be coming your way on Monday that will help you get moving more during your week. It really is amazing how the more you move the more energy you get and the cravings and eating out of boredom start to slip away.

Continue on for Week 3 with the Nutrimeal shakes and Nutrition Bars. Some of you may be on one shake and a bar and others may be on two each. Either way, we are having a meal and a snack.

Make sure you are going for low-glycemic choices. For example, if you have the book “Meals in Minutes,” check out page 90 and you will see an amazing dish called Tortilla Bean Pie. Loaded with black beans, which are a good source of soluble fiber. This dish has salsa, low fat cheddar cheese, onions and garlic… Oh, all my favorites. Try this for one of your meals, I know I am.

Next week I will be bumping up the step requirements. I hope you are keeping track of your steps from morning to night. Keep your pedometer by your bed. This way it is right there when you wake up and you can put it on. Count every step.

I look forward to your e-mails and try to answer them all. Have a great weekend and I am looking forward to WEEK 3!!

Stay Fit,
Kathy K.


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