USANA Fun Friday Video: Episode 13 (MyHealthPak Beauty Edition)

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The importance of proper nutrition is undeniable in our quest to maintain optimal health. But often we don’t realize the importance of such nutrition for skin.

Why is that? After all, they say beauty starts from within, right? Looking your best on the outside means taking care of yourself on the inside. Did you know your skin is the last organ to receive nutrients from the body and often the first to show signs of nutritional deficiency?

In the latest USANA Fun Friday Video, a special guest — it’s fair to say she’s fairly image conscious — offers tips on looking and feeling your best. Among the tips: Ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to help your skin look its best.

We’re excited to present the MyHealthPak™: Beauty Edition, an all-in-one product designed to provide everything you need to maintain good health and a youthful appearance — radiant skin, strong nails, and shiny hair.

If you’re familiar with MyHealthPak, you already know it’s convenient, customizable nutrition. With the Beauty Edition, USANA’s team of world-class scientists has developed a pack of nutrients designed to work together beautifully to provide excellent skin support.

Here’s what’s included in the pack:

  • BiOmega™ (AM/PM)
  • Chelated Mineral (2 AM/2 PM)
  • Mega Antioxidant (2 AM/2 PM)
  • Procosa II® (AM)
  • Proflavanol® 180 (AM)
  • Visionex DS® (AM/PM)
  • AO Booster™ (PM)
  • CoQuinone 100® (PM)

Visit for additional information and to create your own customized USANA supplement pack.

The Fine Print
By the way, the MyHealthPak: Beauty Edition is available only in the United States and super celebrity Paris Hilton doesn’t actually endorse the product. But she did sign our poster at the Kari Feinstein Golden Globes Style Lounge!

If you’ve missed any of the previous Fun Friday Videos, please check out our archive.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases.


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4 Reader Comments

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  1. Mark Holmes says:

    You guys crack me up. Is that Lisa?

  2. Lisa Kuftinec says:

    Hi Mark, glad you like the video. We're still cracking ourselves up (literally, we just rewatched the video). Holly and her dog Rico are the stars of this video.

    Have a great day,

  3. Drummond Macdougall says:

    I know this was some time ago (2 yrs) but wanted to know if this was still considered the best MyHealthPak for supporting healthy skin? Or would you tweek this a bit?
    Here’s what was included in the pack:

    BiOmega™ (AM/PM)
    Chelated Mineral (2 AM/2 PM)
    Mega Antioxidant (2 AM/2 PM)
    Procosa II® (AM)
    Proflavanol® 180 (AM)
    Visionex DS® (AM/PM)
    AO Booster™ (PM)
    CoQuinone 100® (PM)

    Drummond 🙂

  4. Tim Haran Tim Haran says:

    Hi Drummond,
    Thank you for the comment. The Proflavanol C200 is now part of the MyHealthPak Beauty Edition but everything else remains the same.

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