A Selection of Your Favorite USANA Convention Moments

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We packed the gym earlier this week for our annual Employee Convention. It’s an event in which members of USANA management share with us, among other things, all the exciting announcements that will take place at the USANA 2010 International Convention (#USANA10).

It’s a dress rehearsal of sorts to make sure everyone is up to speed on what various departments have been working on leading up to the big event.

For me, this will be my third Convention. And while I know next week will be filled with early mornings and late nights, it’s an incredibly rewarding several days. The atmosphere is electric, what with so many of our amazing Associates converging in one place to re-connect, learn, and share.

Convention resonates in special ways with everyone who attends. So, as I did last year, I asked a few of our friends on social media to share their favorite moments from Conventions past. I know, I know, it’s tough to narrow it down to just one moment.

Here are their responses. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you next week to make some more Convention memories as we break through!

Nick Kelly
I don’t know if any other person loves Rev3 Energy quite as much as Nick Kelly. Nick is a proud supporter of the cleaner, smarter, stronger energy drink, as demonstrated by his frequent “Look Where We Spotted Rev3” submissions, his blog posts, and his Rev3-fueled motorcycle. We’re looking forward to seeing Nick next week! Here’s a little video he sent our way:

Paul Rohatensky and Lynn Lai
Ten years ago, Paul Rohatensky embarked on a 21-hour drive to Salt Lake City to attend his first USANA International Convention (read his story on his blog). The event easily lived up to his expectations, and he says it continues to get better each year.

“My Favorite Convention Moment is a moment I have experienced every single year, since my first USANA Convention in 2000. It is the moment of realization that USANA has just done what many, at the time, thought was impossible, and that is to make the International Convention even better than it has ever been before. Every year, they improve again. How do they do it? How do they continually raise the bar and set a new standard?

“I seem to remember that in 2001, Dave Wentz headed up USANA’s ‘In Search of Perfection’ committee, whose mandate was to go through the organization and find ways to continually improve every aspect of the company as we know it. I believe that the driving principle behind that committee has been alive and well all these years. We know it and now the world sees it.

“Perhaps the most unprecedented form of recognition of USANA’s continuous improvement has come from the American Business Awards, who have recognized USANA’s International Convention as the Best Live Event in America for the past two years! Most corporate events do not even make the radar screen for such an award!

“I believe the reason we can see such accolades goes to the heart of what USANA is all about — ‘To Improve the Quality of People’s Lives, Through True Health and True Wealth.’ USANA does not follow trends; rather, they lead the field — by decades! We anticipate USANA’s appropriately themed 2010 Convention, ‘Breaking Through,’ will open doors for the company and our growing team of Associates, to show the world exciting new horizons to enjoy optimal health through better nutrition.”

Robin Thomas
Way back in early 2008 when USANA decided to jump into this crazy little thing called social media, Robin Thomas was one of our first fans and followers.

Since then, she’s been one of our most loyal friends, always there with excellent content to share and an extreme willingness to support what we do. Devoted to Dr. Wentz’ vision, she’s an excellent ambassador for our company.

“International Convention is always an exciting time for me. There are so many great moments throughout the week it is hard to choose just one! One of my favorite parts of Convention is having the opportunity to connect with USANA corporate and staff, as well as with other Associates from around the world. I like to stay in touch throughout the year through social media, but nothing beats the thrill of seeing each other in person. Here I am with Tim Haran at the social media booth, having fun showing other Associates how easy it can be to get started in social media.”

Sarah Searle
Have you worn a piece of fashionable USANA Logo Gear recently? If so, you can thank our awesome Marketing Manager Sarah Searle for helping decide what sort of clothing and accessories would best represent USANA in the field.

Of course, that’s not her only job. In fact, since this will be her 15th USANA International Convention, she knows practically everything there is to know about this place. And she’s super-nice, too. Be sure to stop by the store and say hi.

“One of my favorite Convention Moments was in 2006 when we did the Two-A-Day dance. It was fun when all the employees learned it at our Employee Convention. I loved watching the Associates learn the dance and how much they got into it. It was so fun in the store when we would randomly play the song and everyone would start dancing. We also started handing out Lip Balm to Associates who were dancing, which made it even more fun.”

Andie Chen, who does such an outstanding job with all of USANA’s sponsored athletes, shares her favorite moment:

“My most memorable moment was last year during the athlete segment. More than 600 flags were distributed to the audience, one to represent each USANA athlete. When Jennifer Azzi gave them the cue to wave the flags, the visual effect of how many professional athletes trust USANA was amazing!”

Thank you to everyone for sharing your Favorite Convention Moments! Next week is going to be a lot of fun.

The 2010 USANA International Convention starts on Wednesday! Don’t miss a minute of the action. Whether you’re at the event or at home, follow the excitement on What’s Up, USANA?, Facebook, and Twitter!


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