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Editor’s Note: We have an excellent guest post today from Teresa Elias, editor on USANA’s award-winning creative services team. She works hard to ensure our written and online communications are clear, consistent, and all-around error-free. Not only is she skilled at her job, but she also is an excellent example of someone who strives to live a healthy lifestyle and takes advantage of everything USANA has to offer. There’s a reason USANA’s been named one of Outside magazine’s Best Places to Work two years running.


Have you ever had someone ask you if you “practice what you preach”? How many times have you heard the following from friends, family, and acquaintances?

  • “So, do you only eat nutritious foods now?”
  • “Do you take the USANA Essentials morning and night?”
  • “How much weight have you lost doing RESET?”

The thing is, there’s no need to take what they’re asking the wrong way. What they’re really wondering (whether they realize it or not) is if, by being involved with USANA, you have adopted a healthier (and hopefully happier) lifestyle. And we hope all of you can reply, “YES!” with confidence.

Being healthier with the help of USANA doesn’t mean you have to wash your hair with Sensé™ first thing when you wake up, take all of our many supplements every morning, drink Nutrimeal™ for lunch every day, and have a Rev3 Energy™ at 2:30 p.m. every afternoon. But I bet you can explain to any inquiring mind how USANA has changed your life for the better with just a few of its many products. Don’t be afraid to share details of which USANA products you love and what you do every day to be a healthier person.

You can also share this: as a company, USANA definitely practices what it preaches.


  1. Employees receive one box of USANA’s HealthPak™ each month.
  2. Employees receive 50 USANA bucks (equivalent to $50) each month to purchase USANA products.
  3. A gym, full basketball court, lockers, showers, and even clean towels are available to employees to use as they’d like. (And the showers feature Sensé shampoo, conditioner, and body wash!)
  4. USANA offers several workout classes throughout the week, including yoga, Zumba®, and cross-fit.
  5. Health-related incentives are provided to employees, such as awesome prizes for working out regularly or participating in weight-loss challenges.

Personally, I know I’ve become a healthier person since joining USANA’s creative services team in June of this year. Here are a few changes I’ve made since working here:

  1. Instead of sitting on a chair all day, I sit on a fitness ball. There are several other people throughout USANA’s Home Office who do this too, so I don’t feel so strange, you know, sitting on a ball. It helps with my posture, and I know I stay much more alert throughout the day because I’m forced to keep my balance.
  2. Instead of going out to lunch, which can be both expensive and fattening, I work out at the gym, which is (luckily) just a few steps away from my desk. The showers make it super easy to rinse off after working up a sweat. Working out at lunch also helps keep me alert for the rest of the day, and I don’t get tired in the afternoon anymore. (Tip: If you don’t like the gym scene, try taking a short walk outside to get your blood flowing and maybe catch a little of that vitamin D we need from the sun, too.)
  3. I don’t take my HealthPak vitamins twice a day. (Don’t tell Dr. Wentz!) But I DO take them once a day, with my lunch. I also take USANA’s Vitamin D supplement, since the days are getting longer and I’m in the office a lot. I always took multivitamins before coming to USANA, but now I know I take the best.
2010 True Health Fair

Additional Employee Health Benefits
USANA also recently held a company-wide Health Fair where women were able to take a bone density test for free. Learn more about this test here. The procedure just took a minute, and involved me placing my foot in a contraption with electrodes that measured the bone density of my heel. I’m proud to say I got a very good score of -.22 (anything greater than -1 is considered low risk for bone problems, like osteoporosis). The National Institute of Health recommends keeping bones strong by getting healthy amounts of calcium and vitamin D in your diet and participating in regular physical activity.

As if all that wasn’t enough, USANA is putting on a great incentive for employees to maintain or lose weight over the holiday season. And to hold myself accountable at this gluttonous time of year, I’ve decided to participate! My official weigh-in was Monday, November 15. I’ll weigh-out in mid-January to see if my gym time burned off all the extra calories I consumed from those extravagant holiday meals. If I maintain or lose weight, I’ll be entered into a drawing to win all kinds of prizes! I hope you’ll cheer me on. I’ll be updating you on my progress come January, and I definitely don’t want to let you down!

Every Little Bit Counts
In the end, my point is simply this: when it comes to maintaining your health, you can’t do it all. But you can do something, and being a part of USANA’s family is a fantastic start. What do you do to keep yourself healthy? And what is one thing you do that’s not so healthy? Don’t worry, I won’t judge. I LOVE baking cookies, brownies, and other treats for my co-workers … and honestly, who can make sweets without trying them too?



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  1. you're too cute, teresa! i believe USANA practices what is preaches, too. and i'm waiting for my manager to give ME a balance ball for my desk… *hint hint Lisa* just kidding.

    among other things, i do try to eat healthy every day– which includes experimenting with cooking a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. i've also been practicing #meatlessmondays and substituting usana bars for the unhealthy afternoon snacks i would otherwise be reaching for. every little bit helps!

    thanks for the post!!

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