The Giving Spirit: Creative Ways to Support CHF

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It’s heartwarming to see members of the USANA family giving so generously to Children’s Hunger Fund. Whether you make financial contributions or donate your timeor both! — you truly are changing lives for children throughout the world.

Recently I received two notes about people who are gathering support for CHF through some incredibly creative means. Maybe these stories will generate ideas that could be implemented in your own communities (especially with National Philanthropy Day® set for November 15).

Natalia Cherubini, right, a Southern California-based USANA Associate, recognized she and her roommates weren’t recycling nearly as much as they should be. In her words: “There was a LOT of waste going on in our home (especially bottles and cans).”

She wanted to do something about it and Natalia knew people would be more apt to recycle if an incentive were involved. A strong supporter of CHF, Natalia couldn’t think of a better way to help children around the world while also helping take care of the planet.

Thus, Recycle 4 Hunger was born.

“I had a vision of giving back to CHF,” Natalia says, “and I thought, what if I can recycle and every penny earned from recycling plastic/glass bottles and cans is then donated to CHF!”

Natalia decided it would help to put a face — that of a hungry, impoverished child — to every empty can or bottle, and perhaps that would make people think twice before choosing the trash can over the recycle bin. She shared the idea — turning recyclables into cash that’s then donated to CHF — with her roommates and then with her entire USANA team.

“It’s been really fun,” she says. “I’ve brought out the best in one of my friends, Brandon Rice, who is also passionate about recycling and about kids. It’s also brought a really cool environment of support for our team.”

Though the program is still in its infancy, Natalia is hoping Recycle 4 Hunger will catch on with communities elsewhere and through those efforts begin to make a big difference. For her part, Natalia plans to enter the Pepsi Refresh Project this month with the hopes of earning a grant toward expanding the vision.

“How cool would it be,” Natalia says, “if we can get other USANA teams in the U.S. and the world to become part of Recycle 4 Hunger and donate to CHF based on the same idea?”

Very cool indeed! Check out this video that explains more about the project. For additional information, e-mail

Stair Stepping for CHF
More than a few miles north, in Winnipeg, Canada, USANA Diamond Director Deanna Waters, left, blogged recently about how she “climbed 115 floors for Children’s Hunger Fund.”

The overall goal is to reach the top of Mt. Everest — virtually, of course — via stair stepper. Climbing 3,629 “floors” would be the equivalent of reaching the summit of Everest, she blogged.

The idea was hatched by Blake Wood and Richard Burr of First Choice Fitness, which will donate to CHF once the crew reaches the top! Incidentally, Deanna reports that USANA Associate Angie Ledohowski has climbed the most floors so far.

Keep up the great work! This is another example of an activity that could be duplicated in gyms across the world.

More Contributions to CHF

  • You might have read on What’s Up, USANA? previously about a determined group of people who climbed Mt. Whitney in support of CHF.
  • USANA Manitoba, led by John and Susanne Cunningham, has generated donations for CHF twice a year for the last six years with an auction at the team’s USANA Christmas party as well as at a USANA golf tournament in the summer (thanks to Deanna for the tip).
  • The annual CHF Toy Wrap, in which volunteers wrap donated toys for needy children, is scheduled for December 4 in three cities across the U.S. Here’s a bit from last year’s event.
  • And, as always, thank you to everyone who participated in the annual Children’s Hunger Run last August. We’ll see you again next year!

How About You?
Have you found creative ways to support CHF or another charity? If so, please let us know in the comments. You never know, your idea might resonate with others and spearhead even more giving to worthwhile causes.


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  1. Our team (Jamin Team) is currently raising money for CHF through raffle baskets! We all are putting together a basket and selling tickets . We will pool 100% of our raffle ticket proceeds and send them in together to CHF for the holidays!

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