Behind the Scenes with Joe: A USANA Lab Takes Shape

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Hey everyone! It’s time for another edition of Behind the Scenes with Joe and an inside look of what’s up here at USANA. In this episode, I received a few suggestions and had a few ideas. Deciding what to write about was tough, since there’s so much going on. I decided to go with something that’s caught my attention lately.

You might not know it, but I’ve always been drawn construction. The process of watching something take shape from the planning stages to initial construction to the final product that could be around for decades is just fascinating.

How many of you have taken the “Fish Bowl” tour here at the Home Office? The first stop is the Quality Control Lab. Who can forget all the little gadgets and gizmos they have running to test the quality to make sure the products are up to grade?

But here is something you might not know. Right now the lab is currently in three different locations! That might not sound like a big deal, but as far as efficiency goes, that’s huge! The QC lab on the first floor is going to DOUBLE in size. This will allow the scattered labs to be brought together. There will be some new equipment added as well as the moving of existing equpment. You can bet the facilities team is going to have fun with that! Here are some pictures of the whole process. Enjoy!

The first thing that had to happen was the empty offices that occupied the space had to be removed. Demolition is fun!


Once the demo was done, we had to make way for drainage for the new sinks and dishwashers. The thing that this picture can not convey is the shear loudness of a saw blade tearing its way through concrete. I think my ears are still ringing! (I kid; I had eye and ear protection on).

Once the cuts are made, the concrete blocks pop right out and it’s ready for excavation and pipe.

Here is the home of the autoclave. We had to build out into the adjacent hallway where there was plenty of room to spare.

Here’s the new floor and the initial cut-out for a new window.

New hoods installed! I wish I could get decent pictures of the ducting to show just how extensive and complex it is. Working around an existing building is quite the problem solver’s dream.

All the technicians who once sat in an unwindowfied room (Yes, I just made up a word) will now have a beautiful view of USANA’s xeriscaping and the golf course across the street.

As of the time of this post, the lab still has a little ways to go before it will be operational. But it’s getting there. To see the finished lab I guess you’ll just have to swing by some time and see it for yourself!


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