Guest Post — Liezel Huber: On to the Quarterfinals!

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Here is the latest from USANA Brand Ambassador Liezel Huber, a member of the WTA and one of the world’s top doubles players. She has advanced to the quarterfinals of the BNP Paribas Open with doubles partner Nadia Petrova! To learn more about Liezel, visit the Huber Tennis Ranch website.

Hey USANA Family!

We won again! Winning is sooooo exciting! Playing good is a nice feeling and that is what I did today. I served well, I was solid on the baseline and I helped my partner a lot at net. We are in the quarterfinals, which will get played on Wednesday. We play against two fellow Americans, Shaughnessy and Mattek-Sands.

Yesterday after our match I visited the USANA suite in stadium court! Well, what a lovely visit! Everyone was waiting for me when I arrived. I got to chat and meet everyone, we took some pictures, I gave autographs and then they presented me with an awesome WTA/USANA cap and t-shirt! Now I am stylin’!!!

My hitting partner, Dave, and I ate at a Hibachi steakhouse last night. It was pretty entertaining, because our chef messed up on almost every trick he performed or at least, the tricks he tried to perform! Good memories!

Today I had a tough practice. Not tough as in a hard workout, but tough as in I didn’t practice too great. Those days happen and hopefully not too often. I have a different game plan for tomorrow’s practice… I have requested that the tournament provide another hitting partner for me, so I will have my hitting partner and the other hitting partner. Two guys against me should sharpen me up for sure!

My husband, Tony, is my coach. He hasn’t always been my coach. He coached me for 8 years and then we decided to hire a coach. That coach worked with me for 2 years. Tony knows me best and has been the best coach I have ever had. Tony told me what to work on in practice tomorrow. I am a hard worker and want to give it my best every day. So when I have a day like today that didn’t measure up to my expectations, then I make the adjustment and try again. In tennis the “perfect” days are few, but when you have them, you remember them forever!

This afternoon I watched Nadia beat a very talented young American, Christina McHale. It was a 3-set battle. I think Nadia’s experience counted in her favor. There is no substitute for experience! That goes with anything in life. For me, when I hit a rough spot or struggle, that’s the opportunity to learn and grow. Gosh, I get that opportunity every day 🙂

I am sending you some pictures I have on my phone. I could take some pictures today, but thought you would get to know me a bit better from my personal photos… Enjoy!

At Johannesburg airport shaking Nelson Mandela’s hand!

Melanie Oudin and her coach, Brian on the train from Antwerp to Paris.

The funniest sight ever! A weed growing in a car’s windshield! (In Paris. This car had a zillion parking tickets on it).
My husband taking a nap on our 18 flight from South Africa. He won’t be happy about me posting this…hehehe!

Me at the pool during the Doha tournament…

Team USA. The best Fed Cup team ever 🙂

Tomorrow is a big day for Nadia. She is playing her quarterfinal singles match. Come on Nadia. You can do it!

I set two friends up on a bind date tonight. No, I have never done that before and probably will never again. It is nerve-wracking for everyone involved. I wish I was a fly on the wall to know how their date is going…

Okay folks. I am off to sleep…

Nighty night,


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  1. Liezel, Thank you so much for stopping by the USANA suite yesterday. It was a pleasure meeting you and chatting with you. You are so funny and so outgoing, I am sure it helps you everyday. We are all truly blessed having USANA in our lives. All the best to you, your teammates, and your husband. We are off to the reservation in a few weeks to continue bringing USANA to the Native American community.
    Good luck at BNP…Mark and Karla Rickert…Oneida and Navajo Tribes

  2. Liezel,

    Meeting you and talking with you about how good you smell made my day.
    I felt your sincerity so much and your good humor.
    I feel you will win with that attitude you just wrote about~ you are a super athlete, woman and person. Thanks so much for the autograph and photo. Randi

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