‘Cake Boy’ Eric Lanlard Creates Recipes for Success

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Master pâtissier Eric Lanlard

USANA Health Sciences, as you might expect, is a company brimming with remarkable personalities from all walks of life. We at What’s Up, USANA? take pride in introducing our readers to many of these incredible people.

More often than not we learn about these interesting personalities thanks to our readers themselves. Today is no different: Brian Knapp, a Silver Director in the United Kingdom, recently met up with Eric Lanlardaka Cake Boy — a well-known chef in the UK. Well-known might be an understatement.

Eric, a television personality, author, and successful business owner, has created cakes for such big-name celebrities as Madonna, Victoria and David Beckham, and even the royal family! And now, he’s a USANA Preferred Customer.

Eric, who is a fan of USANA’s HealthPak and Hepasil DTX, took time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for What’s Up, USANA? about his life as one of the world’s master pâtissiers. Even more, beginning on April 25 Eric will be starring in a new television series in the UK titled Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard. The 10-week series will air Mondays on Channel 4 in the UK. One episode features Brian and three of his fitness buddies baking healthy cakes and muffins with Eric at his home.

USANA HEALTH SCIENCES: How does one get started in the cake business? Is it something you wanted to do since you were a child?
ERIC LANLARD: I started making cakes when I was 6 year old. It was, of course, a series of disasters as I didn’t have the right ingredients or equipment. And I always picked the most complicated recipes, but that didn’t stop me and I started an apprenticeship when 18. I still love my job as much today if not even more.

USANA: Please talk about a particular cake of which you are most proud? How did it come about and for whom did you create it?
LANLARD: My favorite cake and proudest moment was when I was asked to make a 101 birthday cake for Her Royal Highness the Queen Mother — and meeting her! It was a magical moment mostly as it was not planned.

USANA: Please explain more about your upcoming show, Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard, in which in one episode you bake healthy cakes and muffins (and then hit the gym). How did that idea originate and is there anything in particular you are hoping to accomplish with it?
LANLARD: Baking in the last couple of years has become so popular on TV, in magazines and books, etc., and in the last year we’ve seen a large amount of baking clubs being created. In this series (weekly for 10 weeks) for Channel 4, we are following some of theses clubs and inviting members to bake with me in my house. Each club is different and we try to pass along a message. For example, we’ve got a team of young boxers with healthy lifestyles and habits who bake some delicious cookies. In my house I show them how to make some energy packed muffins and cookies. The main message from the show is that baking doesn’t have to be complicated. It is fun…and it can even be healthy!!! Baking is a great thing to do with friends, family, and colleagues.

USANA: You are a television star, an author, a successful business owner, and a renowned pâtissier — is there anything you have yet to do that you dream of doing?
LANLARD: Last September I opened a new cupcake shop concept in the heart of Soho London with the shoe designer Patrick Cox. The shop is doing very well and our ambition is to take this concept worldwide. Both Patrick and me are very excited about it. Also, watch out for more news to come very soon from COXCOOKIESANDCAKE.

USANA: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not baking cakes?
LANLARD: I love eating out in good restaurants, driving sport cars and traveling, which is a big part of my life.

USANA: What was it about USANA Health Sciences that sparked your interest?
LANLARD: Being a chef, I work long hours and have my fingers in so many pies… I do work very hard. As much as I try to keep healthy by working out with a trainer a few times a week and have a good diet, I need some help via good supplements. I was introduced to USANA by a friend and fell in love by the easy concept of their products and their site where you can order. Since I began taking them I am feeling much more alert and I just passed a very good general bill of health all around — thanks to USANA.

USANA: What are your favorite USANA products?
LANLARD: I love the HealthPak, as it is easy to use and packed with high-quality supplements. I also like to take Hepasil DTX, too, as I understand how important it is to keep your liver healthy.

USANA: I must ask about your upcoming chef in space experience: What does that entail?
LANLARD: This is every man and woman’s dream!!! And yes, I will be one of the first lucky ones to go to space with Virgin Galactic. I believe I am the only chef signed up so far. 2012 should see me ready for my trip, but I don t think I will be baking on the first flight as I will be looking at planet Earth from space. At the moment it is all a mixture of excitement and being scared, too.

USANA: Any secrets or tips you can share for creating a truly delicious cake?
LANLARD: Always use the best ingredients. Stick to the recipe — think of pastry being like chemistry. And if you fail the first time, try again. Practice is the key.

Thank you to Eric for taking the time to answer our questions and to Brian for organizing the interview. To learn more about Eric, please check out his website, like him on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter. Also, here is a recent article featuring Eric in The Telegraph.


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