Look Where We Spotted Rev3 (Part 16)

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David & Evelyn Prothero have an artist-friend, Christine Eige, from Rockford, Ill., who makes flowers out of aluminum cans. "She made this one out of a Rev3 can. It makes a great display and is a good way to recycle."

May is just around the corner. Temperatures are rising, flowers are blooming (see above). It’s prime Rev3 Energy season!

Of course, diehards know there is no single Rev3 season. It’s a year-round necessity. But for the outdoor enthusiast, summer is the perfect time to crack open an ice cold Rev3. Whether you are biking, hiking, or kayaking, Rev3 is the perfect companion.

And if you’re playing catch with the kids, kicking around a soccer ball with co-workers, or soaking in the sun at the beach, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of the cleaner, smarter, stronger, energy drink on hand.

To help get you in the mood, here is the latest batch of photos submitted by our loyal Rev3 drinkers. What a group! By the way, do you know what kind of REVver you are? No!? Well, look at the photos and then be sure to take the quiz!

Here's another one of the Rev3 flowers. So creative! Rev3 and The Healthy Home sounds like a great time to me.


Look what New Zealand's Ayelet Fleming found in her garden 🙂 That's great!

Scott Barbeau, left, and David Hryszczuk enjoyed a nice cold Rev3 following the Shamrock Shuffle 8K race in Chicago on April 10. Nice way to refuel.

Our buddy Edward Rondaris is going old school with the R3 sticker sailing underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

And here's a great combination — The Healthy Home and Rev3. Also courtesy of Edward Rondaris.

Teena Pankonin posted this photo on our Facebook page: "Rev3 visiting the Canadian Military in Afghanistan. Giving our troops as much support as we can." Very well done.

Our good friend Gwen Burnell is enjoying being a grandma. Congratulations, by the way! And she writes on our Facebook page: "Rev3 is not for the new Mom but perfect for the new Grandma. This picture is at the end of my night shift. Thrilled to be awake and enjoying every minute of it." Wonderful, Gwen!

Rev3 made appearances at tour stops for The Healthy Home. Here's a great photo submitted by Gabriel Golden.

Jonathan Grothe snapped this cool pic alongside The Healthy Home Tour Bus. I bet the crew consumed more than a few cans during the month-long tour 🙂

Signing books is strenuous! Good thing Mark Utaranart kept the best-selling authors in mind with this Rev3 photo.

One more old-school R3 sticker shot in downtown San Francisco, courtesy of Mark Utaranart.


Whose recycle bin looks like this? I'm guessing there are a few out there. You can tell Dora & Pete Zdanis are big fans of Rev3 (and some other USANA products as well)! Great photo, Dora.

Our friend Jacob Palmer is all about the cleaner, smarter, stronger energy drink. Here's a very cool photo he posted on Twitter. Shout-out @JacobPalmer. Why not go ahead and follow him?

Timothy Dunlap tagged me in this awesome photo on Facebook. His tagline: "Drink responsibly. Drink Rev3." Love it.

Mike Aldridge calls this his maximum energy combo. Sounds about right.

Here's another one from our Facebook page. Jackie Bennett writes: "For all the college students burning both ends of the candle, drink Rev3 it's safe!" Good advice.

Eric Luis can't get enough of Rev3. "For car enthusiasts everywhere, Rev3'n it up on & off the track isn't a habit or a choice....It is a lifestyle! Keep it Rev3'D!" We will, Eric. We will. 😉

Rachel Lim sent in this photo all the way from the Philippines! She writes that the photo was taken during Holy Week where temperatures soared. "But because I have my Rev3 I am up and about despite the extreme heat!" Perfect.

Jennifer Camirand placed Rev3 in paradise...right where it belongs.

And Finally…

Here’s an impressive tower of empties at the end of writers row right here at USANA. Incredible! (Love the “Rev3 guard”)

Thanks, everyone! As always, you are helping spread the word about Rev3 Energy and you have the pictures to prove it. Every once in a while I’ll compile these Rev3 Enthusiast-submitted photos (check out past posts) and display them for all to see (well, at least for all of What’s Up, USANA? readers to see).

It’s obvious Rev3 is going places! Please keep the pictures comin’. Who knows? Maybe your photo will be featured in “Look Where We Spotted Rev3 (Part 17)!”

Join the Revolution!


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  1. Very very unique, love every one of them. Especially where Rachel didnt mind the heat soaring, as long as she had a cool REV 3 with her.
    Heat melt you down, but REV 3 soar you up up and away.

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