Naperville: “Wentz & Wentz at the Wentz”*

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*Headline courtesy of Dr. Denis Waitley. This is how he closed his introduction of Dave and Dr. Wentz Friday night.

Hello from The Healthy Home Book Tour. I flew home Sunday, where we had a busy couple of days in the Chicago area. 

Friday night was The Healthy Home Book Tour Stop in Naperville. The event was held on the North Central College campus at the beautiful Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center. The rain did not dampen anyone’s spirits, and by the time the presentation started, there was standing room only.

Dr. Wentz spent extra time talking about fluoride, and how fluoride affects our bodies and overall health.

$126,000 for Children’s Hunger Fund!

Saturday night a group of us, including Dave, Dr. Wentz, Dan Macuga, Lori Truman, and Liz Dawes, attended Children’s Hunger Fund‘s Children’s Champion Award Celebration Banquet, held in Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. At the end of the evening, Dave presented Children’s Hunger Fund President David Phillips with a check for $126,000, all proceeds from The Healthy Home.

Thank you to everyone who has come to the book tour events over the past few weeks, to show their support for Dave and Dr. Wentz. The tour ends Thursday in Salt Lake City, after stops in Winnipeg (Monday) and Denver (Tuesday).

How About You?

Have you seen the book tour presentation? What was your big take-away — the one thing you are going to do, or have already done, to live in a healthier home?


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  1. I have stopped cooking(micro-waving) food in plastic containers and reducing the heat when using tehflon pans. I am choosing more organic food and reducing consumption of meat and milk packed with hormones and antibiotics. Such pasturized food and plasticizing is something that concerns me due to premature puberty of our children. I work with children and have grandchildren; there is so much they and their parents need to knowto protect them. Thank you Dave and Dr. Wentz for sharing your wisdom.

  2. I am de-cluttering and cleaning out my closet of all of the non-natural fibre garments. I’m weeding out plastic containers. I’m committed to sharing the knowledge I gained from the book – like vaccination issues; cooking with tehflon pans; removing/minimizing EMF at home; buying eggs stored in cardboard boxes; buying only non-medicated meats and making my own soy milk. My grown daughter and sons are all supportive of this initiative and I’m very grateful for having Dave and Dr. Wentz as my mentors in sharing Dr. Wentz’s Vision and my Vision also, “…Love life and live it to its fullest in happiness and health.”
    Best of all, we are supporting CHF, a huge win/win!
    With Sincere Appreciation ^-^

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