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We’re all about recognizing creativity here at What’s Up, USANA?, and hands-down one of the more creative things I’ve seen recently is courtesy of Nick Kelly. You know Nick. He’s a USANA Associate in Virginia who is all over social media — Facebook, Twitter and he even has his own blog (Nick Kelly: Addicted to Octane). Plus, he’s probably got Rev3 Energy coursing through his veins 🙂

Here is a cool how-to video he created and posted on his blog. Whether or not you have a motorcycle, this is a pretty neat instructional video demonstrating one of the many uses of a Rev3 can. And excellent advertising to boot. Thanks, Nick!

If you’re unable to view the video, please click here.

For a Good Cause

We’ll have a post later this week discussing the incredible Mt. Kilimanjaro/African Serengeti trip, which took place late last year and was led by expert mountain climber Werner Berger. Leading up to that trip Heshie Segal, a USANA Ruby Director and part of Team Africa 2010-11, bought clothing, school supplies, and other necessities to distribute to orphans in Africa.

In all, Heshie has acquired over 800 new clothing items and many school supplies for distribution to orphans in Africa. “My USANA business allows me to follow my passion, helping those who are less fortunate,” she says.

Thank you, Heshie!

LeAnne Tracey

Face of Fitness

We were alerted to this wonderful story thanks to Shauna Farver. She let us know about LeAnne Tracey, a USANA Associate (Believer) who last week competed in Fitness magazine’s “Face of Fitness” contest. While LeAnne fell short in the overall voting, her story is well worth reading.

“I have and always will love the Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal blended with a frozen banana and water,” says LeAnne, who started taking USANA products in 2008. “I don’t think I could make it without the HealthPak, either!”

A typical workout week for LeAnne includes three days of running, three days of lifting, one to two days of Zumba, and a rest day. “I have shifted roles from client to personal trainer and fitness instructor,” she says, “and from USANA consumer to Associate! There is no way I would be this successful without USANA!”

Way to go, LeAnne!

In the News

USANA and its immediate family is making headlines. Here is a sampling of the press mentions over the last month or so:

  • Dave Wentz seemed to be everywhere the last month promoting The Healthy Home. Perhaps the most noteworthy was his extended interview on CNN’s American Morning. Of course, he also taped a segment for The Nate Berkus Show. We’ll keep you posted on when that will air.
  • Celebrity Fitness Expert and USANA Spokesperson Kathy Kaehler appeared on Good Morning America Health promoting Nutrimeal. She also shared “5 Tips for a Flatter Belly” in this article.
  • Dr. David Geier, a prominent sports medicine doctor, mentioned USANA in an article for the Post and Courier, explaining “The [WTA] deems supplements from USANA to be pure… its athletes can only take supplements from USANA and no other company.”
  • Finally, USANA’s own Dr. Brian Dixon, a Senior Scientist, talks about the importance of supplemental health in this article. If you’re in Utah, look for him on local TV on Thursday. We’ll post the link on Facebook.

What’s the Buzz?

Here are a few of the more popular topics discussed on USANA’s Twitter and Facebook channels in the last month. Are you following?

  • The Healthy Home took the nation by storm in the month since its launch. A three-country book tour and media blitz, designed to spread the word about hidden household dangers, helped vault the book  to No. 2 on the New York Times Best-Sellers List in the Advice category. Check out the The Healthy Home Facebook page to get caught up on all the excitement. Oh, and be sure to visit this photo album featuring Dave Wentz and Dr. Myron Wentz ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.
  • No story has lit up the blog, Facebook or Twitter like this news: The Champ Chooses USANA. Did you read about it?
  • Women’s Ski Jumping was approved for competition in the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi! Great news for the USANA-sponsored Visa U.S. Women’s Ski Jumping Team.
  • Looking for a few tasty Vanilla Nutrimeal recipes? Look no further…

Spreading the News in the UK

So much is happening in the United Kingdom (in addition to the Royal Wedding, of course). Pro rugby player Tom May is tweeting about USANA, soccer powerhouse AFC Bournemouth is on a path to the playoffs, legendary “Cake Boy” Eric Lanlard is answering questions for the blog, and Mel B. — a.k.a. Scary Spice — is enjoying pregnancy and Strawberry Nutrimeal.

And now, we’re excited to launch our very own Facebook Page designed specifically to share all this exciting UK news and more! It joins our other market-specific pages that are up-and-running in Australia-New Zealand, Mexico, and Canada. Even if you’re not in the UK, go ahead and “like” it. What could it hurt?

And Finally…

Cats seem to be obsessed with the goodness of USANA. Thanks to Xylia for the messenger bag photo and to Danielle for the Rev3 pic.

UPDATE: Oh, and our buddy Edward Rondaris sent this one in (it slipped past me in the initial post):


USANA Notebook is an occasional series of posts in which I compile various tidbits from within the corporate walls or from out in the field. The series will also at times include commentary on what’s happening throughout our industry and in social media. As always, please share this information with your networks and feel free to send along information that could be included in future posts. View previous Notebooks here.


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