USANA Social Media Tip #26: You and the WTA

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By now many of you know that WTA athletes — the best women’s tennis players in the world — trust their health to USANA Health Sciences. It’s been that way since 2006. And this year we welcomed six “brand ambassadors” who are appearing in USANA advertisements, talking to media about the products, and generally promoting our mission of true health.

More than 5 million people attend WTA events throughout the year, and millions more watch on television. Its reach is worldwide and it’s likely you know tennis fans who would love to hear about the relationship between USANA and WTA. As we’ve said before: It’s exciting to know that the best women’s tennis players in the world believe so strongly in the world’s top-rated nutritional supplements. It’s truly a perfect match.

Make the Connection

But how can you maximize USANA’s connection with the WTA? It’s easy with social media. In the latest USANA Social Media Tip, here are a few ways to spread the word about this partnership and generate interest among health-conscious tennis fans around the world.

  1. Connect with the WTA: Like the WTA on Facebook, follow the organization on Twitter, and subscribe to its YouTube Channel. The folks running the WTA’s social media do a superb job in keeping their fans updated while providing a lot of fun content to share. You can also follow their WTA Players Twitter list to hear first-hand from these athletes. Finally, I recommend visiting daily for the latest tour news.
  2. Keep tabs on USANA’s brand ambassadors: Set up a Google alert, search for official Facebook pages, or simply bookmark the player pages on for Kim Clijsters, Samantha Stosur, Liezel Huber, Melanie Oudin, Zheng Jie, and Aleksandra Wozniak. Let your own social media fans know when these athletes will be competing or how they did in their most recent matches.
  3. Tennis, anyone?: If you already play tennis, and have a few friends who do as well, consider organizing a league through Facebook or another social media site. Encourage your friends to bring a guest to each event and implement a round-robin format to create new matchups and get to know new people. Plus, you might have an opportunity to talk about health, nutrition, and supplementation.
  4. Give it a try: If you don’t play tennis and aren’t much interested in athletes hitting a fuzzy yellow ball back and forth, consider giving it a try this year. Watching a match or two on TV — here’s the tournament schedule — or checking out from time to time could give you the spark you need to become a full-fledged tennis fan. Check out TennisTV’s iPhone app for streaming tennis (subscription required) while you’re on the go. You might even catch a USANA on-court ad or television commercial. It’s a lot of fun following and rooting for players who are already fans of USANA — bask in the shared success!
  5. Support Team USANA: Here’s a quick plug for not only the WTA but also all of USANA’s sponsored athletes. Be sure to like USANA Athletes on Facebook and follow our own Twitter list that features many of our sponsored athletes, including several WTA players.

How About You?

Those are just a few ways in which you can utilize social media to share news about the WTA with everyone you meet. How do you plan to let people know about USANA’s partnership with the WTA and other athletes and organizations? To learn even more about the WTA, you’ll want to sign up for the e-newsletter!

How are you using social media? If there are topics you’d like discussed in these Social Media Tip posts, feel free to send them our way and we’ll do our best to incorporate them into future posts. Please visit our archive of social media tips.


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