Look Where We Spotted Rev3 (Part 17)

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For a minute, I wondered if the USANA Writers had bought the world’s supply of Rev3 and stashed it under their desks (Exhibit A: This post’s last photo).

Fortunately it appears there is still plenty of the cleaner, smarter, stronger energy drink to go around … as proven by the latest batch of awesome photos sent in by YOU! Here we go…

Emmeline Wang took Rev3 with her as she caught a few waves at Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz, California. Right on.

Leigh TeWinkle and her sisters enjoyed a sisters' weekend getaway to Palm Desert recently. "Rev3 was our poolside friend." Sounds awesome!

Martha Glover sent in this fun photo. Even monsters are into healthy energy. Thanks, Martha!

Gabriel Golden, who found his way onto the blog with a photo in Part 16, sent in another cool shot. "Rev3 is the only thing that gets me through my radio show on Thursday mornings 2-6am....THANK YOU FOR REV3." Whoa, that's early! And you are very welcome.

Wendy Curtin posted the following note on our Rev3 Facebook page: "Mason and Matthew (USANA kids since before they were born), taking in a photo opp with the Christian group Press Play before their concert in Farmington, New Mexico. They LOVED the Rev 3." That is great to hear!

Tony Lam attended the WTA-ATP event in Miami earlier this year and snapped this artistic shot. Oh, and that's Roger Federer warming up in the background. But of course all eyes are on Rev3!

Our buddy Mark Utaranart sent in the above photo (and the below photo, from Vegas). He's got an eye for what embodies Rev3! Thanks for all the great shots, Mark.

Friend of social media Paddi Sprecher sent in this photo of Jasper, Alberta, Associate Teena Pankonin keepin' it Rev-ed. Nice!

And here's another one from Jasper, Alberta, courtesy of Paddi: A bit of history ... and a drink that's making history!

And finally (for this installment): The photo that made me wonder if the USANA Writers left any Rev3 for anyone else.

Thanks, everyone! As always, you are helping spread the word about Rev3 Energy and you have the pictures to prove it. Every once in a while I’ll compile these Rev3 Enthusiast-submitted photos (check out past posts) and display them for all to see (well, at least for all of What’s Up, USANA? readers to see).

It’s obvious Rev3 is going places! Please keep the pictures comin’. Who knows? Maybe your photo will be featured in “Look Where We Spotted Rev3 (Part 18)!”

Join the Revolution!


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