Rev3 Energy TV (Episode 1)

Written by on May 13, 2011 in Rev3 Energy TV, USANA with 7 Comments

Rev3 TV really needs no introduction. And yet here we are.

As part of the ongoing experiment of giving us writers copious amounts of Rev3 Energy™ drinks and seeing what we do, we are proud to give you the first in what is sure to be a thousand part series: Rev3 Energy TV.

So, what do you get when you combine a group of creative-minded USANA writers, a couple of video cameras, a few props including a kit of fake mustaches and flannel shirts, a noticeable lack of improv training, and the best energy drink in the world?


If you are unable to view the video, please click here.


For this episode of Rev3 TV, our players include: Aaron Adams, Emily Alaniz, David Baker, Teresa Elias, Doug Giddings, Suzanne Houghton, and Cameron Smith on drums.

Be sure to tune in next time to see who is given the final sip on “The BacheloREV”, who will be busting a move on the dance floor in “So You Think You Can REV”, and who will be the next to hear “you’re fired…up” on “The CeREVrity AppREVntice”. (Full disclosure: some or all of those ideas might not be in the next episode. We have to follow the direction the Rev3 gives us.)


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Cameron Smith

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About the Author: Cameron is a writer, editor, translator, dreamer, and gentleman lover. He is the accomplished writer of “That One Blog You’ve Never Really Heard Of” as well as The Lament of Poppin’ Fresh and roughly 15 other unfinished novels. He likes to do a lot of crazy things around the office in the name of his art. He interprets the term “art” very loosely. .


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7 Reader Comments

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  1. Nick Potter Nick Potter says:

    ::::Favorite part::::

    (1:17 – 1:27)

    Kim: We get a lot of questions about what can I do with my Rev3 can to make it, you know, more for the new generation.

    Leslie: Yeah, I believe that’s called, uh, update.

  2. Tim Haran Tim Haran says:

    I’ve watched Episode 1 several times now. This is brilliant on so many levels. Way to go, writers. You definitely embody the Rev3 spirit.

    Thank you for premiering your masterpiece on What’s Up, USANA? I know you probably fielded calls from several studios. Can’t wait for Episode 2!

  3. Tarah Harl says:

    HILARIOUS!! Way to go guys, very creative! Dave Baker.. you are my hero 😉 Can’t wait to see you in August!

  4. Susan says:

    Hi Everyone,
    all I know is whether I am at the gym working or need that extra rev3 for my day, this is one of my daily drinks without the crash. I love this Rev3.

    Thanks Usana
    Susan Garese

  5. Nancy Rinard says:

    Rev3 ~ Two a day for life. YEA!!! No, wait, that is the Health Pac tagline. I could so do it though.

  6. Gwen Burnell says:

    LOL, love the creative detail…..flannel shirts are the best!

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