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Editor’s Note: The following is the third in a series of blog posts in conjunction with an article written by Dan Macuga, USANA vice president, on the Corporate Blog. This series — The Company You Keep: 5 Keys to Choosing a Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer — identifies attributes you should take into account as you consider which company is right for you.

Today: Trusted by Athletes

When pondering which vitamin company fits you best, it’s smart to consider who else supports the products. For example, world-class athletes take supplements to help ensure they’re performing at their peak. Think about it: professional and Olympic athletes only take products they can, without question, trust. You’ve heard champs such as Jennifer Azzi talk about it: athletes can’t afford to take chances with their careers — their livelihoods — and their health.

USANA has a unique guarantee for certain athletes, upon review and acceptance of an application, says: “USANA will guarantee that, during the term of the agreement, should the athlete test positive for a banned substance included in the WADA list of banned substances as a result of taking USANA® nutritional products, USANA will compensate the athlete with up to two times his or her current annual earnings up to $1 million…” No other company we know of has a guarantee like that!

We’re also proud of our extensive list of sponsored teams and individuals, including the following (for a complete list, please visit our website or even better, like USANA Athletes on Facebook):

  • Women’s Tennis Association (WTA)
  • Women’s Ski Jumping Team
  • US Speedskating Team
  • USA Luge
  • Speed Skating Canada
  • Biathlon Canada
  • Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley, professional boxer
  • Jen Heil, Olympic mogul skier

More than 600 athletes currently trust their health to USANA. Athletes who are competing against the world’s best are sure to do their homework when it comes to getting the proper training and following an effective nutrition plan. It only makes sense you should do the same when considering a supplements company. Make sure what you’re taking is safe and effective.

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