USANA11: Your Chance to Win the Best Seat in the House!

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The 2011 USANA International Convention is less than a month away! It’s sure to be an unforgettable event and we can’t wait to see many of our social media followers in person.

Whether you are a Convention veteran or a first-timer, here is some exciting news: Elise Curtis, USANA’s awesome contest coordinator, is giving our social media fans a chance to win the best seat in the house for the Thursday (Aug. 25) Morning General Session.

Four lucky winners (and their guests) who are attending Convention will be invited to watch the Best Live Event in America kick off from the comfort of a floor-level leather recliner! You’ll get to walk inside the velvet ropes, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show in style. We’ll be giving away eight (8) seats total.

How to Participate

Between July 28 and August 12, leave a comment on this blog post with an answer to the following:

  • What is your ultimate dream and how is USANA helping you achieve it?

Don’t forget to include your full name and Associate ID with your comment. Winners will be notified before Convention and will be asked to visit the Contest Booth across from the USANA Store in the Salt Palace to pick up a wristband — your key to the best seat in the house.

Stay Tuned…

Keep an eye on Twitter — @USANAinc — during Convention. We’ll be giving our followers even more chances to win a seat for subsequent general sessions during #USANA11.


Comments 58

  1. My ultimate dream is to live a fulfilling life full of happiness and success. USANA is helping me to achieve this by offering the amazing opportunity to be all that I can be. I can be healthy and active because I am using the highest quality nutritional supplements, look great because of the wonderful Sense skin care and Splash body products and reach my goal weight because of the Reset program. To be able to make some money while doing all this is beyond a dream!! See you at convention! (Hopefully in the comfort of a floor level leather recliner)….and THANK YOU USANA!!!!

  2. My ultimate dream is to be able to be dept free in less than 2 years and help my husband be worry free about our financial situation. Reconnecting with my yoga teacher, he inspired me to become a yoga teacher myself and share my passion for this practice, again he comes back into my life and is guiding me into creating my own success through USANA, helping me see the potential in me to keep growing and help others achieve their dreams.

  3. My ultimate dream is to retire my husband from Coporate America so that we can have “quality” family time. USANA is allowing me to build a residual income that will one day replace my husband’s income!!

  4. My ultimate dream would be to be able to help and change millions of peoples lives by encouraging them to work towards living their dreams no matter what their circumstances are, to never give up on hope….to help them want to prosper no matter what and where they are in life, so they can enjoy every moment of every day working toward and doing what they love best and to be able to utilise and share their gifts with others to then also help encourage others to always believe in their dreams and gifts as well. Usana is a huge facilitator in this dream I have, as it offers the variety of peoples needs and equal opportunity to ALL to have the ultimate package in life that we are all looking for in health, wealth and freedom….truely a beautiful gift from God, Thank You!:-)
    Roberta Alexander Associate ID: 3776143

  5. My ultimate dream is to be helpful and useful for people that don’t know USANA and as an USANA member I know they are the best in well being products, because I take the products I can tell my experience to all the people I meet every single day, that’s how USANA is helping me achieve my dream. That way I can give my testimonials to people that don’t know The USANA FAMILY:)

  6. My ultimate dream is, to keep on dreaming about only good things, about happy people, about healthy people. USANA is helping me to realize this by giving me the tools to put this dream together, and world peace 😉

  7. My ultimate Dream, the one that is directly linked to my Heart’s Purpose, has been to help thousands of people who are suffering financial hardship due to their stratospheric Medical Bills, which are forcing so many of them to declare Bankruptcy and live a life full of pain and poverty.
    With USANA we have two ways of achieving this dream: by helping them take advantage of the Best Compensation Plan available, they would get back on track financially and they then be able to take all the USANA supplements that would benefit them, which in turn would help them get back on track with their Health!
    The Passion I feel for this particular problem stems from the fact that my husband and I have felt this hurt, having experienced ridiculously high Medical expenses (“Out of Pocket” expenses for last year were $90,000 !!) and we have the blessing of being fully Insured!!! This was due to my husband’s fight with Multiple Myeloma (Bone Marrow Cancer) and we now face my own expenses, as I was recently diagnozed with Breast Cancer. As you can see, it is a problem that we feel very deeply about!

    Sylvia Adler

  8. Mine and my wife’s ultimate dream is for me to be able to quit my job as an emergency room nurse so that we can travel on medical mission trips together around the globe. This is something we have always dreamed of doing. Unfortunately, it costs money to do and you don’t get paid to do it. With the income from our USANA Business we are now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are now Directors and have a rapidly growing team in our city! It’s very exciting and rewarding to be able to help others and get paid to do so!

  9. Associate# 4086870
    Q. What is your ultimate dream and how is USANA helping you achieve it?
    A. I would love to be in the shoes of my sponsors Collette Larsen and Zak Ross, but the more I think about it. I dream of good healthy & financial freedom. Not worrying about how I’m going to pay my bills or if I’m going to have enough to send my kids to college and knowing that I’ll be around long enough to see it all happen. My USANA business has helped me realize that being financially free is possible. It takes a lot of hard work to get there, but it is within reach. As long as you focus on what you dream about and make a valiant effort everyday to attain that dream. Thanks USANA for opening my eyes to a better future.

  10. The Ultimate dream that has been in my heart since I was 8 is to be a Medical Missionary. I will be going to Colombia, Peru and Chile to help people that are very sick and cannot get medical help due to having no or low financial resources. I will be using my time and money to bless them the best way possible! I will be in those countries 3-6 months out of the year. While I’m there I want to work with the Broken Smile mission that has been around for a long time and help adults and kids that have deformed clef pallets get there smile back! Wow I am excited and ready to change more lives so that I can achieve this. 🙂

    Rosalyn Eichelberg

  11. My name is Lisa Whittall & my Associate number is 3821568.
    My Ultimate Dream is to inspire people to never give up on themselves & to never think that they have to stay where they are in life if they want more! My dream is to help my 22 year old son Morgan travel the world discovering who he is & to help him believe that he doesn’t have to fit into a box that everyone wants him to, that he can make his own way in life & be strong enough to make his own choices, Usana is helping him acheive that building a strong financial foundation & also teaching him to take care of his body to be able to enjoy all that life has to offer. I want to help my 5 year old daughter Sarah to dream the impossible & to acheive it! To help her realize what a strong woman she can become by building the foundation now while she is still young teaching her to take care of her body & filling her mind with positive loving messages, by being a role model to my children, by never giving up, striving for Dreams in life & having goals that are not just about yourself but about helping others around you. I want to be able to open up my house to children in need from all around the world, I want to travel around the world helping children in all walks of life making their life better, healthier & safer, to stand up for those children that can’t stand up for themselves & be their advocate! Usana has already changed my life in so many ways I love who I am & who I’m becoming & how healthy I am as a result, I aspire to pass that on to others who I introduce Usana to, so they may experience the change in themselves too!
    Thank you Usana Thank you Zak & Collette for taking me under your wing!

  12. To travel 6 months of the year to picture-postcard locations, collecting memories and just having fun! USANA was a great choice 12 years ago. It has already given us freedom from ‘jobs’ and we have been able to travel 3 months of the year in the last few years. USANA has enabled me to travel to Convention every year!!

  13. My ultimate dream is to live in a large A frame bungalow, in the forest, on the water. With a walk out basement and an endless pool, plus a hot tub and swimming pool outside. Three bedrooms for the kids (we have a daughter right now) and a large master bedroom with ensuite for us. My office in the walk-out, with a huge window facing the water. A large kitchen with a solid kitchen table, in front of large glass patio doors leading out to a deck with a bbq and seating area.

    Julie Boyer 2846474

  14. When I was first introduced to USANA I was maneuvering through the end of a 23 year marriage. My main concern was supporting my children on every level including their health. USANA helped with this.
    I was soon diagnosed by several official and un-official authorities I could, should, expect to experience disease. That disease of financial disaster that comes with being a single mother of three children. That disease of loss of hope in maintaining everything you have built; “You WILL be selling the house”.
    Being of a determined soul, I soon took on several part time jobs. Within a few short months our life was one where, in order to get everything done in a day (rush from one J.O.B to another), I was out the door early in the morning and dropping off my youngest at a neighbors for before school care.
    Although at that time I was and am currently now, in a place I have always imagined, THIS morning routine was not a part of my plan/vision. After being a stay at home mom for 12 years, this current situation left my children angry, stressed and resentful. I as well, felt the same in addition to physically exhausted.
    In raising my family, it wasn’t until the third child came along did I see the value in “a community raises a child”. My community has been a huge factor in mine and my children’s lives. A community also helps to build a business.
    With tapping into the USANA community (products and business) my family and myself, are back on track, with everyday, “living the dream” and life we create, in health and happiness.

    With heartfelt gratitude and hope for the future………..

  15. My ultimate dream is to be able to support my family with health and wealth and to be able to live life to the fullest everyday!
    Fighting for something worth believing in and never giving up to get it. I love being able to share with others how USANA can be their vechile to true freedom. USANA has been showing me everyday over the last 6mos how this dream is being a reality!!! Thank you Dr Myron Wentz and USANA Team!
    See YOU at convention,

    Gina Olsen

  16. My name is Rosemary Perri and I have come from Australia Melbourne to attend the Usana Convention for the very first time and I’m sooooooooooooo excited to be here, but apart from all the excitement in the air, my ultimate dream is to be able to HELP PEOPLE because if I can HELP PEOPLE get what they want, I will also get what I want. The most fantastic thing is, I can help anyone with not only the wealth but the HEALTH too.

  17. Here in San Antonio I and my “team” have created a braintrust to pool our collective wisdom to empower others. Using sound business principles and the awesome power of the internet we are excited to reach more and more people with the message you can have better Health and Wealth. My “Ultimate Dream” is not a destination, but a journey with benchmarks of seeing people move from “imprisioned” to “empowered”. Helping others while they help you – how can you not absolutely LOVE it! When we build our “Team House” you all are invited to stop by for a cup of coffee 🙂

  18. I believe that one of the main reasons we’re here is to be of service to others using the unique talents and skills we’ve been blessed with. I also believe we’re expected, by God, to use those talents and skills to make a difference in the lives of the people around us. All of us accomplish our purpose to varying degrees as parents, co-workers, teachers, preachers, coaches, counselors etc. But, some of us need a way to make a bigger difference in the lives of more people before we are fulfilled. That’s what Usana does for me. I am fulfilled when I share with others a vehicle that can give them hope again; hope that they can have better health, hope that they can make enough money to pay their bills, hope that they can make enough money to find their financial freedom, As their confidence in themselves grow and their passion for life increases I find my greatest joy.

  19. 2086182. My ultimate dream is to become debt free, share my Usana vision with as many people as I can, and to help my children and grandchildren with their dreams as well. Being surrounded by positive-thinking people is one of life’s great joys. “Usana is our backyard” Rocks!

  20. My ultimate dream is to change every person that I come in contact with in a more positive way, whether that be by changing their health, their financial situation, or seeing the world in a better light. I believe that society has broken down the average person’s ability to dream and have convinced them to settle with what everyone else is doing so that they can fit in with what everyone is doing. With USANA, I have the opportunity to allow others to see possibility again and free themselves from everything that society has sold them on.

    Dina Le

  21. My ultimate dream is to prove to the people in Mexico (and the world) how you can turn a dream into a goal, and then make it come true. Dream in a better world, dream for better health and dream for better finances; because we’ll always have family and friends to help and to make them realize that there’s a way to achieve true health and true wealth. That way is called USANA. My Name Blanca Georgina De Leon Sanchez my ID 4178782

  22. Hi, there’s Usana Health sciences =) MY names khang I once used to be apart of usana quite a while back, But like since the time being i haven’t forgot about what the usana health sciences is really about and and why Dr.myron wentz dream is to create a world free from diseases and be the healthiest family on earth, but like I once used to do Usana all the time in my mind my heart and soul!? I used to be so motivated and driven to do it i don’t know, what Happened to that motivation but I would love love love to one day give it another go, Except I really have one issue holding me back i think that my parents never really taught me or motivated me in the right way to do what I love instead they, put things infront of me to try and test me tease me n like tell me 2 get a job, go to work for someone else, which i never wanted in the first place, All my life One thing I want is Pure happiness, i want to be able to help people have what they want n so then i can have what things I can appreciate and be great ful for later on… with usana Family, because positive people rub off on others and thats why i love what it does for one family at a time..

    Although having gone through so much in my life and my past?!

    I think that I still have a long long long way to go with some

    help, to get to where i need be at Right now I currently am kind of

    over weight but I need to start doing the things, that won’t kill

    me to get me motivated again it’s just A person who’s kind lacking in

    Knowledge about nutrition, health, n wisdom i some what have, down

    it’s just I can’t seem 2 stick to my goals and my seriousness about

    Life, in general Although I come off As a very very kind-humbled

    guy and individual too.! I try to smile a lot but people tell me i’m

    negative minded before I knew that things don’t happen over night,

    I know now that if you just throw yourself at somethingyou love to do… and do it well. Help those Up In which you choose 2

    work with learn to let go a lot n then things will be much more

    easier but not easier in life, Life 2 me isn’t just a journey its

    a Life lesson taugh over time and nurturing, loving, teaching,

    watching over somebody who’s very very much, a handful like myself

    In the end I think within my mind if i can fight off the voice in

    My head and turn off whats truly holding me back I think i can make it

  23. I am a single foster parent. My ultimate dream is to be able to adopt children from the foster system and be able to have the time freedom and financial freedom to devote to them. I am working towards my first adoption (a 5 year old) from the foster system. She starts kindergarten in a couple weeks. I want to be home for her (not at my “JOB”) before and after school. Developing a successful USANA business is going to allow me to realize this dream!

    In addition, my 5 year old foster child has been with me 7 months and has not been sick the entire time! She loves her USANA vitamins and the nutrimeal! Thank you USANA!

  24. My name is Rich Crabtree, associate number 3802584.
    My ultimate dream is to travel the country and the world enjoying the people, food and wine there and learning about the local culture. To do this is requiring me to become a person who is healthy, fit, growing and someone who helps others along life’s way.
    USANA has started me along the way of health and fitness through the superior nutrition and nutritional supplements I take. They have supported my routine workouts at the fitness center so that now, at age 67, I am in excellent physical shape and my body will stand up to the demands i make of it as I work to talk with people and show them how nutrition and supplementation will support them in their goals.
    I now play golf and have picked up new clients on the golf course. People see the fitness results I have achieved and they want some of that! Thank you USANA!

  25. My ultimate dream is to see my husband retire early so that we can spend more time together and as a family, doing things like traveling, playing sports, learning to play instruments (personally I’m fascinated with piano and I’ve always wanted to learn how to play it), volunteering, and having the finances to put the kids in the best Christian school, and to freely give to our church’s missionaries, and children’s ministry.
    I know and I believe Usana is the vehicle that’s going to help us achieve these dreams and many more! We feel very fortunate to have amazing leaders here in Texas. They’re such an inspiration to us, and they’re always there for us. We want to do the same thing for others to help them succeed every step of the time! Thanks Usana for helping us dream again!
    Richard & Mireya Teran 2893378

  26. My name is Stephanie Harris, Associate ID 2978442
    My ultimate dream is to be able to take my entire family to Sanoviv Medical Institute. I have 2 sons with diagnosed form of Muscular Dystrophy known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type III, or SMA III. This disease causes the motor neurons to die which ultimately causes the muscles to atrophy and deteriorate … I have learned to fight for my sons, I needed to be healthy and not only have I been advocating for my sons health, I have had to work very hard on my own to be healthy enough to take care of them. Even though there are significant challenges that life has thrown at us, I remain positive that my Usana Business will prosper by the Grace of God, much perseverance and great team support… I look forward to the coming year and am excited about helping many people to reach their highest potential in Health and Freedom… Thank you Dr. Wentz and Dave Wentz! You are a true Blessing to our family! (Kyle will never forget that he got to meet you at the Healthy Home Book Event in Long Beach and he treasures the copy he has with your autograph’s and is reading your book as part of his Science education)

  27. My nombre es Laura M. Herrera # de asosiado es 3747772
    Mi gran sueno es vivir una vida plena, libre de preocupaciones financieras, poder pagar la carrera de cada uno de mis cuatro hijos, que mi esposo solo le dedique tiempo a nuestro negocio de USANA, y asi poder disfrutar con nuestros hijos y no solo eso, sino ser una persona saludable. Tambien poder viajar a visitar a nuestra familia en Mexico cada vez que queramos. Pero tambien mi suenno es que todo el mundo conozca lo maravilloso que son los productos de USANA, Los Esenciales, el Biomega, el Coquinone 30, el Proflavanol, etc. Asi como el Sense, lo amo, me encanta, pero en fin todos los productos son excelentes. Que a travez de USANA, se pueden lograr todos tus suennos por increibles que puedan ser. Si quieres algo tienes que trabajar por ello, y en USANA es un excelente medio para lograrlo. Asi es que yo estoy trabajando en mi gran suenno, que se voy a lograr muy pronto. Gracias USANA.

  28. My ultimate dream is to have a vacation home in tropical country (which I am not sure yet which country I want to stay). The vacation home is a bungalows like in Bora Bora, small house on top of ocean water (not too high maybe ankle to knee) and have some fishes in the water. The house walls is kind of look like made from branches and ceiling from big leaves. It is small living room viewing the ocean side and stairs to walk down to the water, in the middle of the living room floor there’s gonna be few glass floor for us to relax and watch the fishes. And in the left side is 1 bedroom w small bathroom (bathtub and shower). Around the area there’s gonna be a small plaza where ppl can get messages, salon for their hair and nails, restaurant (live grilled fish or seafood in general), clothes, etc. With this dream that I have I am hoping to not just have 1 bungalows but maybe a few so my family of NEX can come and stay together w me. How have USANA help achieving my dream is by giving me a path to go to this ultimate dream. Before when I was in school and at job, this dream would not be appearing at all because it is something too outrageous. But now that I have USANA in my life, I can really say that I have my dream back, that I can really clearly say that I am able to achieve my dream because USANA gives me the option of having time freedom and financial freedom.

    Xylia Galias 3418316

  29. My ultimate dream is to have non-profit organization and center that empowers women through out the world. The opportunities would include education, self esteem, economic empowerment and health. Without these opportunities, women will continue to struggle with taking care of themselves and their families. USANA will be my vehicle as the income and networking will give me and my supporters the time, income and freedom to carry out this goal. These 3 are the keys…to my success…time, income and freedom. USANA is my way. I am looking at a 3 year timeline…to fund/build the center, choose my board of directors, have a mission statement, teachers, and a fund raising plan that keeps the doors open, the lights on and the resources intact.

  30. My ultimate dream is to cure this recurrence of breast cancer – currently at Stage IV. (hey there is NO Stage V! heheh) And live to a ripe old age. With the help of USANA’s products and Sanoviv Medical Institute I believe it is possible. I continue to LIVE and am constantly told my skin is gorgeous! I am doing things at 60 years old I never thought possible: zip lining/river rafting/ hiking. My short-term dream is to advance to GOLD ranking with the money that comes with it and ultimately Diamond Director. And that comes with sharing Dr. Wentz’s vision.

  31. My ultimate dream, as someone who has been overweight since a very young age, coming from a family that could barely make ends meet, recently lost a house in a foreclosure, a car about to fall to pieces, has a mother that is currently in the hospital with no insurance due to the effects of a stroke she had 27 years ago when she had me among other health issues, is to help others. Simple as that, i want to help others to not have to deal with these issues, to not have to worry about health, not have to worry about walking to work because they cannot afford to put gas in their vehicle, having to sell personal valuable items in a yard sale instead of attending the funeral of a close friend’s boyfriend that died in a motorcycle accident just to be able to buy a few dollars worth of groceries for the week. My ultimate dream is to be able to make sure that my family and my friends families are healthy and are not hurting for the things they need, to be able to go out to eat and be able to pay for the meal of some random family then. I want to then be able to teach them everything i have learned to help them help themselves to be able to help others in all areas of their lives – “pay it forward.” My ultimate dream is to be able to grant someone’s last wish.

    Kami Soileau

  32. My ultimate dream is to help others become healthy and not have to use prescription and share the RESET program with others that are obese and need help living a happier healthy life. To take my friends that that are a big part of my life and Usana on the best trip ever and for all of use to be Diamond Directors and to make sure my 16 year old son lives his dreams . Always be successful at USANA and share it with others

  33. My ultimate dream is to be healthy long term and have my solid USANA Diamond level income so money is never a factor in any of the choices I make in my life. Also, my husband ha experienced some health issues this past year (which is new for him) and having our multiple six figure solid residual income will relieve the stress I now he feels. True Health & True Wealth Baby!!!

  34. My ultimate dream is to will my USANA business to Grandaughter. She is 4 years old now, with a passion for life that is exhilerating, and I am so grateful for her energy in my life. To be able to give the gift of USANA both for her health (She is already a USANIMALS girl, and she loves nutrimeal popsicles) and for the financial freedom to pursue her dreams, would be ultimate for me. My USANA business, with the help and support of my team, WILL allow me to reach this dream. When my Mother was my age (65) she was overweight, had arthritis and was on blood pressure medication, none of which I have, thanks to USANA.
    This will be my 10th convention and oh how I would love sit in one of those comfy chairs, even for half a day because I do want to be with my team.

  35. My Ultimate Dream is to be able to promote and educate millions on taking back their lives by achieving ultimate health and ultimate wealth. I started with family and friends. I grew up with a mom who struggled to make ends meet and had many health issues. She is now 67, married to a wonderful man who has had health issues as well and now both will have a better quality of life thanks to the USANA products. My in-laws are healthier as well and now we are able to continue to spread Dr. Wentz Vision together.

    This will be my 8th Convention. Those who know me know this is just as important as attending a Family Reunion. This keeps me connected to the vision and meet others who are doing the same. I would use the tickets and bring a 1st timer with me to see their face after experiencing this incredible event.

    Erika Hilliard

  36. My ultimate USANA-powered dream is for my wife and I to continually give to the people around us by building an ever-growing team that helps others achieve their dreams, creatively solve their life’s problems and greatly improve quality of life for all who want it.

    I also have a second dream: I want Kami Soileau to win this contest.

    Stephen Alford

  37. My ultimate dream is to make a difference… A difference in my life, the lives of my family and friends and the lives of those I have yet to meet! USANA is going to help me achieve my dream by providing me with endless opportunities to be, do, dream, love and live!

    Samuel Stoltzfus

  38. My ultimate dream with USANA is to help schools and non-profits develop a stream of income using USANA’s award-winning compensation plan. In this current economic climate, with budgets being slashed, our children’s educations are negatively impacted, and non-profits are hindered in their efforts. If I’m successful at this I’ll achieve my goal of retiring from my day job on my 62nd birthday, February 6, 2013! I’m building my preferred customer base, looking for partners, and attending many school oriented and non-profit events in my small community (population 8,000.) Once I’ve signed up my first organization, and can personally show how it’s done, I plan to present the opportunity to many non-profits outside the state. My husband built his career in the non-profit arena and I have numerous friends in many states who are ready to listen.

  39. My ultimate dream is to become the oldest person in the world to climb Mt. Everest (May 2013). I would not be climbing at my age without the fabulous USANA products fueling this 74 year old body. They have supported me throughout my short climbing career and in becoming the oldest person in the western world to have climbed Mt. Everest (2007) and the seven summits!
    Werner Berger

  40. My ultimate dream is to change people’s views and attitudes of what is possible for them. I want people everywhere to realise that they ‘can-do’ rather than spending their lives limiting their dreams and compromising their dreams because they think they ‘can’t have’ what they want.
    USANA is the ultimate vehicle – both to allow me to prove this to others by changing our lives completely from getting by, working too hard, not having the time for our children that we want to a life where we are flexible with our time because our needs are met, we have fun doing what we are doing and creating a dream lifestyle. And by doing it myself I am showing others they can do it too.
    The best bit about all of this is that USANA is a business of ‘win-win’. The only way I can achieve this is by helping others achieve their goals – I can only win if I help others win – what a beauty!

  41. My ultimate dream is to change people’s views and attitudes of what is possible for them. I want people everywhere to realise that they ‘can-do’ rather than spending their lives limiting their dreams and compromising their dreams because they think they ‘can’t have’ what they want or because their health won’t allow them. I am fed up hearing people believe that they just have to accept physical and health limitations and that there is nothing that can be done about it.
    USANA is the ultimate vehicle – both to allow me to prove this to others by changing our lives completely from getting by, working too hard, not having the time for our children that we want to a life where we are flexible with our time because our needs are met, we have fun doing what we are doing and creating a dream lifestyle – and we are also able to do all of that, because we are healthy and fit and energetic. And by doing it myself I am showing others they can do it too.
    The best bit about all of this is that USANA is a business of ‘win-win’. The only way I can achieve this is by helping others achieve their goals – I can only win if I help others win – what a beauty!
    Sandra Kanfer Clarke – 2595724

  42. I have been a registered nurse for 34 years and have realized that the system I work in focuses on illness care, not health care. My dream is to help educate and inform people about their own bodies and the options they have to live healthy lives; to have a healthier world living at their optimal best and by so doing reduce health care costs. USANA lets me do this in a way that is of service to people and will let me fulful my dream of caring for others; the reason I came into the nursing profession. I dream of a world that is healthy and whole and where there is no suffering
    Jackie Baron 9073914

  43. Mi gran sueno es lograr en un par de meses, mi LIBERTAD FINANCIERA y también que mis celulas estén contentas, llenas de SALUD y asi poder ayudar a toda mi familia a tener una mejor calidad de vida Económica y de Salud, USANA es la mejor opción para poder lograrlo y poder compartirlo con toda la gente que esté a nuestro alrededor, y SE QUE LO VOY A LOGRAR. Gracias Dr. Myron Wentz. Nora Hilda Mañueco ID 4243430

  44. My husband worked for the same company for over 28 years. He was a loyal employee who had always worked hard for his company. His dream was to retire with the stock the company had given him as bonuses for a job well done. He was told that at the beginning of May 2009 that as of the end of that month, he would no longer have a job; the company was closing its doors for good! His dream was shattered! His stocks and any dream of retirement vanished! The dream that USANA is helping me with is the hope of replacing my husband’s retirement that was lost! I’m married to a wonderful and extremely supportive man whom I love dearly. My dream is to earn an income with my USANA business so we can retire and enjoy our lives together. I do not want my husband to have to work the rest of his life! He continues to be supportive of my efforts as I build our business for our ‘golden years’! I thank USANA for giving me and many others the opportunity to help others with their health, wealth and time freedom. My husband and I are loyal to USANA for life! Thank you Dr. Myron Wentz for YOUR dream! Clella Cravatt 3163148

  45. My ultimate dream in USANA I would like to invite people around the world consume a healthy diet, while giving them an understanding of how USANA can help them get enough suplyment to obtain a healthy body as well as increase incomes.I would also like to make them believe that usana is a complete product only to be practiced, as I BELIEVE …


  46. My ultimnate Usana dream would be to be able to give others second chances in life, to redeem themselves and prove to not only the world but themselves. Usana’s given me the chance and vehicle and the possibly do that because Usana doesn’t judge anyone for their shape, size, or gender and everyone starts on the same playing field. I absolutely am married to Usana.

  47. My ultimate dream is to reset everyone from thinking “I can’t” to thinking “I can” in every aspect of their lives. Think positive, think big, make things happen!

  48. I know I have accomplished my dream each and every day when I hear the laughter and see the smiles on my three young children’s faces. My family depends on me each day to make smart choices for their health and well-being. Thanks to USANA our monthly trip to the Pediatricians office has become a thing of the past!
    Now that I have achieved my dream of health for my family, my ULTIMATE dream is to share the health benefits of USANA with my friends and family for years to come. It is a truly inspiring fact that as a USANA Associate I can potentially improve the quality of life for everyone around me.
    I am looking forward to meeting many people in the USANA family at my very FIRST Convention!

    Carissa Hills-8021274

  49. ID: 3624806

    My dream is to be able to support African women
    who live in a third world country. They were mistreated,
    Abused, and unable to have previledge to live a better live
    as we do. Hoping through my hardwork with Usana, I can
    Help them to live in a better world.

  50. I am happy to say that I have already reached my ultimate dream! Starting from a very early age, my visions of the future always included being a stay-at-home mom. Usana’s high quality products have given me the highest level of health and energy I need to enjoy raising my four beautiful children. Usana has also provided excellent tools to help me maintain and promote healthy living within my family so that we thoroughly enjoy our family life. The financial opportunity that Usana provides supports my family’s healthy lifestyle and allows me to expand on my fulfilled dream and create exciting new ones!

    Andrea Vail

  51. ID#: 2459265

    My ultimate dream is to be able to have my wife and I both come home from our jobs and to raise our children ourselves rather than be forced to outsource raising our kids to a daycare. We want to be able to travel and show our children that the world is much smaller than they believe, and that there are good people all over the world.

    USANA is helping us obtain this future by giving us a mechanism to leverage our efforts and create a solid income stream that will ultimately give us both financial and time freedoms.

  52. I could itemize all the lovely things I’ve ever wished I had or could do but ultimately my dream is to provide a secure future and the best health I can possibly have. I think it all boils down to that, everything else will be brought along with it! I have absolutely no doubt that USANA can help me with those goals & I’m sure there’s no limit to what I can achieve through USANA, I love this company, the products, the vision, the people! USANA is AWESOME!!! Cant wait to get to convention!

  53. ID # 4273830
    God has revealed to me this is the place i need to be. I am obeying his steps and have many goals to accomplish. My father died having diabetes with no hope or anything to live for in this life. I plan to change that for people who want to help themselves to restore that hope!I know with God, He CAN make anything happen. My recent vision is to go beyond my husbands income to show him it really works, pay our debts,build our dream home, my dream horse and barn, not to work for another employer again, a passion for my work, and going beyond my limits to help people who are in need. I want my daughter to learn that we can work but still have a life with our family and have fun. I realize that if I can have faith in God and Usana; i can do anything in this world.

  54. My Ultimate Dream is to Change Lives.
    However, I didn’t always recognize this as my dream. In fact, if you had asked me just a couple of years ago about my hopes and dreams, my answer would have included wealth, popularity and a private limo! But the more I strived toward my ‘dreams’ the less fulfilled I became and the more I seemed to fall short.

    In a way, it was USANA that helped me realize My Ultimate Dream.
    Yes, USANA is giving me the ability to create wealth, but more importantly, USANA has given me perspective by taking my focus off of myself and building in me a passion to touch the lives of those around me. This in turn has led to true fulfillment, the best friends in the world (argue with me all you’d like, I actually DO have the best friends in the world! =) ) and I’m on my way to freedom I never could have imagined.

    Interesting how life works that way, isn’t it?

  55. •What is your ultimate dream and how is USANA helping you achieve it?
    My ultimate dream is a myriad of dreams!
    I want to create a foundation for early intervention for children with Autism. USANA has paved the way for that by first helping my 2 sons with Autism to have better health and help their minds know how to communicate better. I have 2 role models for other children to follow and see that they can follow their dreams. People are amazed that Corwyn is in college and doing well and that Random does so much better. If I was never a success in my USANA business(and I can’t help but be because of my passion for it) ~ what USANA has done for my sons alone would make it a success story!
    Corwyn wants to travel the world and through USANA, he will achieve that goal. He and Random want to create their own softare/gaming products and with USANA – they will see this goal to fruition!
    My daughter is starting @ UTSA this semester and USANA will help us make that dream a reality!
    My husband wants to leave his job and do USANA full time and we are working diligently together to make that dream a reality. I love that we can work together as a team toward that goal, intertwining our dreams together.
    I dream of helping to turn around the statement by the World Health Organization – that our children’s generation is the first generation in the world to not outlive their parents. That is a reality that I cannnot live with and must be changed! USANA is going to help me achieve this goal because it is on track with Dr. Wentz’ vision to have a world free of disease, pain and suffering.
    My goal is to share this vision and add more people to the USANA family so they can love life and live their lives to the fullest in happiness and health! USANA helps me with that by being the best product on the market ~ nutritionals you can trust ~ that I not only feel for myself and my family but love to share with others! It is my passion! Thank you USANA! You are such a gift that I will share as long as I live! 😀
    Love, JOY & Peace,
    Kristy Casey Deal (3640566)

  56. My dream is to give people hope. USANA meets a deep need in the world. When people’s needs are met, they have hope. My dream is to fulfill the greatness others see and expect from me. USANA exemplifies extraordinary leadership, products, communication, research and development, compensation, and integrity. My dream is to learn and grow and share. USANA’s business model demands personal growth, encourages teamwork, and connects us all as a whole. My dream is to be in my ideal living environment, to be able to invest in things and technology that increases the quality and effectiveness of my life and all those around me. USANA offers products and a business model that allows anyone…anyone…to start their own business with a $30 Business Development System and a few weeks time to generate sales producing 200 volume points and BOOM! their business center is active and alive and real. AND, that infantile live business literally has no limitations and can be built beyond most anyone’s wildest dreams! My dream is to accumulate assets, give generously to those in need, and spend time and money relating to people and experiencing places throughout the world. USANA offers international distribution, unlimited compensation paid weekly and willable to my children. USANA Health Sciences is literally the truest win win win I have ever known. USANA products have impacted the health of me and my family…we win. We pay for our products with commissions earned selling products. We raise money for those in need holding Shrink-a-thon’s where we teach health and wellness. Participants become customers whose lives are changed and they collect pledges from others based on quantifiable health accomplishments throughout the program. In the end…the participants get healthy, I generate income to provide for my family and the benefactor of the funds raised gets a check that fulfills their needs. Now that’s a win win win if I’ve ever heard of one!!!
    USANA is my dream. I’m living the dream.

    David Deal 3700214

  57. Two weeks ago we asked our social media followers to answer the following questions:

    — What is your ultimate dream and how is USANA helping you achieve it?

    Participants were entered into a drawing for the chance to watch the opening session of next week’s 2011 USANA International Convention in style from the comfort of a floor-level recliner!

    The response we received was outstanding and Elise drew the winners today!

    Without further delay, we are excited to announce the winners — each of whom will be invited to take a seat (with a guest) in a comfy recliner for the Aug. 25 morning general session!

    * Sylvia Adler
    * Anne Reid
    * Set Ting Neo
    * Derek Lee


    At Convention: Winners, please visit the Contest/Recognition booth in the Salt Palace on Wednesday or early Thursday to pick up your wristbands that will provide you access to the Recliner Lounge. You must be in your recliner by 8:45 a.m. (15 minutes before the start of the session). If you have any questions, please contact us at

    Stay Tuned: Keep an eye on Twitter — @USANAinc — during Convention. We’ll be giving our followers even more chances to win a seat for subsequent general sessions during #USANA11.

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