USANA Gets to Know Zheng Jie, WTA Tennis Professional

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If you were fortunate enough to attend the 2011 Asia Pacific Convention in Hong Kong, you saw Zheng Jie talk via video about USANA’s partnership with the WTA. I was thrilled to meet this talented tennis player at Indian Wells earlier this year. Let me tell you, I am so happy she is one of our six USANA Brand Ambassadors.

Not only is Zheng incredible on the court (winner of three singles titles and 14 doubles titles), but she is also a pleasure to work with off the court. She sat for interviews … in two languages, is a natural in front of the camera, and even took us on a guided tour of her tennis bag (look for that on What’s Up, USANA? in the coming months).

But first, here is an excellent Q&A our colleagues in Australia-New Zealand conducted with one of China’s top athletes. Enjoy!

USANA HEALTH SCIENCES: How do you keep fit?
ZHENG JIE: Tennis is really a tough sport. You need to keep fit. Of course, I practice a lot. Off court, I do a lot of cardio, including running. I also lift weights.

USANA: What is your favorite USANA product?
ZHENG: Nutrition Bars

USANA: What has been a career highlight for you?
ZHENG: There have been a lot of great moments in my career. The ones that come to mind right now are:

  • Reaching the semis of the Australian Open in 2010 — Singles
  • Reaching the semis of Wimbledon in 2008 — Singles
  • Winning the Australian Open Doubles Title in 2006
  • Winning Wimbledon Doubles Title in 2006
  • Winning a Bronze Medal in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing — Doubles

USANA: If we were to peek into your bag what would we find in there?
ZHENG: Racquets/Change of clothes/String/ Hair bands/Lotion/Wallet/Lucky bear.

USANA: What is the best thing about life right now?
ZHENG: I love playing tennis, I also love my husband. Being able to do what I love and have my husband travel with me is a great feeling.

USANA: Why did you choose USANA as your nutritional supplement provider?
ZHENG: First, because the WTA decided to partner with USANA. That told me that they are a company that could be trusted. This is the first time that I ever signed a sponsorship agreement with a company that makes these types of products. I knew that it was a good company that was safe and of the highest standards.

USANA: Who inspires you and why?
ZHENG: My mom. She is a good person. She has always supported me, and she has taught me a lot about life.

USANA: How do you look after your body and skin while on the road?
ZHENG: I make sure that I use cream on my face. Being out in the sun all the time is not good for your skin. I get massages daily. I also like to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night.

USANA: What are your future goals and what steps do you have in place to achieve them?
ZHENG: Olympics 2012 is my big dream. I have a bronze medal. This time I’d like to go a little higher — for the gold or silver…..

USANA: What is your typical daily food plan?
ZHENG: I try to eat eggs and milk every day. Also, juice and yogurt. It is a little hard to eat well when you are on the road but I try to eat sensibly every day.

USANA: What’s your favorite travel destination?
ZHENG: I like the beach and water. Miami is one place that I really like.


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