USANA11: Live Your Dream, Change the World

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You never know how a dream is going to end. There’s rarely a satisfying or expected conclusion. We don’t often dream in three definitive acts, then wake up after the beast has been slain, the lovers have married, or the quest has ended. Mostly, dreams simply end when we wake up.

That’s not true of the 2011 USANA International Convention. The four dreamlike days drew to a confetti-filled end this afternoon. A satisfying — and admittedly alliterative — conclusion to be sure.

But you don’t come to the final scene without the resolution of the third act. And it was an amazing final session, packed with equal parts inspiration and energy.

It started with Chris Gardner, the man whose life story inspired the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. Gardner took the stage and nearly brought the house down. “Every time I get a reception like that I have to let everybody know — Will Smith is not coming,” he joked. “This is as good as it gets.”

During the first part of his speech, Gardner recalled a little bit about how his incredible life story became a movie. “Those people spent $70 million to recreate something that I did for nothing.”

Gardner did more than talk about the movie business, though. He inspired with his message about living his dreams despite major obstacles, like homelessness, fatherhood, and a little thing called life. But he was able to do it all because he found his “button” — the one thing that turned him on the most. For Gardner, that thing was Wall Street trading. He knew that was where he belonged. With determination — and many nights spent in airports, bus terminals, train stations, public libraries, and hotel lobbies — he made it in the financial industry and found a home, and a better life, for himself and his very young son.

After a dose of Dr. Denis Waitley, talk turned into song. A full-blown USANA musical captivated the packed EnergySolutions Arena. Singing and dancing versions of USANA all stars — including Collette Larsen, Jeremy Stansfield, as well as Dave and Dr. Wentz — made the USANA opportunity sound pitch perfect.

Then living the dream was taken to the next level when several members of the USANA family took the stage and shared their stories. Talks by Associates like Michael Callejas, Aaron Dinh, Conchita Vargas Lugo, Liu Ri Yue, Gene Furbee, and this year’s Dr. Wentz Vision Award winners the Chionis family helped personalize what it means to live your dream with USANA.

If the confetti was the final scene of this year’s Convention, Dr. Wentz’s remarks were the last big, inspirational monologue. USANA’s founder reminded those in attendance of all the stories of realized dreams they’d seen over the last few days.

“They succeeded in the face of countless difficulties,” Dr. Wentz said. “And by pursuing their dream, by living their dream, by succeeding at their dream, they have undeniably changed the world for the better. And so, today, I am telling you: You can do the same.”

Dr. Wentz had one simple request of the USANA family — change the world. “There is no way for you to work toward your dream without changing the lives of others for the better. This is especially true if your dream, like many here, lies in the mission of USANA.”

He left the crowd with this final message: “When you live that dream, when you share that dream, you will be changing the world for the better. Don’t do it for me. Don’t do it for yourself. Do it for your neighbors, your friends and family, for your children, your nieces and nephews. For future generations.”

The good thing about the dream we’re been sharing for the last four days is that it doesn’t end here. With the energy, inspiration, training, and kinship you found at USANA11, you will keep living the dream long after you return home.

Also check back with What’s Up USANA? for more memories and exciting Convention snippets and stories in the weeks to come.


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