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We have an amazing team of dedicated, creative, and fun people on USANA’s research and development team. While you might recognize a few of the names from appearances at USANA events and other online posts, there are many others on the R&D team you might not know. One thing is certain: Each contributes to USANA’s success.

Let’s meet them, shall we?

A few members of USANA's world-class R&D team.

First, this is important: The average tenure at USANA of the current team is about nine years. We have John Cuomo, Russ Barton, and Toni McKinnon leading the way with 16, 14, and almost 16 years, respectively, at USANA. Wow!

In the middle are Keijun Koh, Dr. Mark Brown, Jeff Robertson, Todd DeBloois, Brian Dixon. And Jenna Templeton is leading the pack of newer team members, having been at USANA for just over a year.


I asked the team what they liked about working at USANA, since clearly they have been here awhile and must enjoy working for the company.

Toni likes the research aspects of R&D. Dr. Cuomo, USANA’s integrity. A few folks spoke to using their expertise on a daily basis, to help develop cutting-edge products. Jeff mentioned he appreciates USANA’s commitment to improving the well-being of others, and the challenge in his work every day.

Many said it was the co-workers and work environment. Dr. Brown and Jenna specifically mentioned the healthy environment USANA has created, and the healthy lifestyle USANA encourages. Brian takes advantage of the regular lunch time soccer games. John Bosse, one of the USANA R&D rookies, is excited to get started, and believes he can use both science and creativity in his work.

Favorite Products?

Considering this is the team that creates USANA’s products, I was interested to hear what their favorites are (check them all out on

Speaking to the fact that USANA has something for everyone, all of the answers I received were different. For Mark, it is USANA Probiotic. Keijun and Toni like Visonex® (me too!). Jeff is a fan of Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal, while Jenna is a fan of the Cappuccino Nutrimeal (in fact, she was having one while she was answering my questions).

Russ had Vitamin D on his list, as did new team member John B. John is also taking BiOmega™ regularly, as is Keijun. Brian’s go-to products are the Essentials™ and Hepasil DTX™. For Dr. Cuomo, it’s Proflavanol® C100.

Todd’s answer was the most mysterious, though. He said his current favorite is the Peanut Butter Crunch Nutrition Bars, “but there are developmental projects that I’m working on now that are very good.” I cannot wait to hear what these are. Stay tuned!

Fun Facts

While this post is a blog about USANA, one thing that makes us who we are is the fun fact or two that people may not know.

For Dr. Cuomo, Todd, and Austin Winegar, it is getting outside and enjoying all that Utah has to offer, whether that is hiking, skiing, camping, etc. Dr. Brown is learning to cross-country ski this year (fun!). Jenna is keeping busy running (she has run three half-marathons and is part of USANA’s Ragnar Relay team in 2012). Toni enjoys boating on Lake Powell.

Keijun likes reading books and watching Asian TV dramas. Russ is keeping busy with photography, cooking, and movie making. John B. is inventing gym equipment (awesome!).

Brian’s answer, I think, was the best considering the information-overload world we live in today. He “doesn’t own a TV, (have a) Facebook page or LinkedIn account. Brian told me, “and I still don’t have enough free time to do all the things I want in a day.” Well done!

I hope this gives you a glimpse into the amazing R&D team we have at USANA Health Sciences. Throughout 2012, we will be visiting with them regularly to see what they are up to, “Scientifically Speaking.”

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Team members who did not participate: Jim Eng, Mark Levy


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  1. So glad to learn more about our creative, dedicated, and just-like-us R & D team. As I learn more about our products and how it proves that the science of cellular nutrition and ancient wisdoms – herbal/Traditional Chinese Medicine/etc., really work great together.

    Dr. Myron Wentz, Dr. John and his team of scientists are very wise, smart and innovative. I never ceased to be awed by the new products as they are introduced.

    Thank you and looking forward to 2012!

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