USANA Green: Large Scale Solar Panel Project Completed

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Additional solar panels recently were added to the roof of the USANA Health Sciences, Inc. corporate office in Salt Lake City, Utah. It's the largest private (non-governmental) installation of solar panels in the state. Photo by Heather Romney

The following is courtesy of Jeff Robertson, USANA’s Green Coordinator.

The air can get pretty crummy in Utah during the winter. In fact, some researchers suggest that air pollution permanently limits the lung capacity of exposed children. So when I first went to Dave Wentz, USANA’s CEO, to request adding 80 kilowatts worth of solar panels on our roof, he said, “Not big enough.”

Dave didn’t approve the plan until we had more than doubled the size. Our solar installation, the largest private installation of solar panels in Utah, generates as much energy annually as 24 households would use in a year, cutting air pollutants like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides by 600 pounds a year and eliminating greenhouse gases by a whopping 190,000 pounds a year.

As Dave said, “we’re doing this for our kids.”

If you’re unable to view the video, please click here.

Here are several additional photos of USANA’s solar panel installation, courtesy of Heather Romney:

For additional information about USANA’s efforts to reduce our environmental impact and be responsible environmental citizens, please visit the USANA Green page.


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