USANA US XRC: Big & Bright Deep in the Heart of Texas

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The largest crowd in two years to attend a USANA Cross-Regional Conference (XRC) experienced a day filled with fun and entertainment — but more importantly, education and inspiration.

About a thousand enthusiastic individuals filed into the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio on Saturday and spent the next eight hours learning about USANA’s top-rated nutritional supplements and the accompanying business opportunity.

“Today is all about you,” said Michelle Merriwether, United States Vice President of Field Development and XRC co-host. “It’s all about the leader within you and how we develop the leader within you.”

The morning session featured corporate executives and Associate leaders sharing good news from all aspects of USANA.

From a look at USANA’s philanthropic endeavors to its financial achievements to its extensive product-education resources to its marketing initiatives, the three-hour session provided an impressive corporate snapshot.

But in the end the message that resonated in speaker after speaker — and drew the greatest response from the audience — is that USANA is more than simply a nutritional supplements company.

It’s creating a legacy.

“We’ve created a family,” said Dave Wentz, USANA CEO. “Businesses come and go but families are forever.”

Afternoon Heats Up

The afternoon session included news-you-can-use from leaders such as Dean and Matt Chionis and Michael Callejas.

It featured a presentation close to our heart as well. Ashley Collins, USANA’s Executive Director of Marketing, Public Relations, and Social Media, and Ruby Director Soomin Kim talked about various materials the USANA Social Media/PR team creates and how Associates can best use the resources.

“Social media is the fastest way to connect,” Kim said, adding that “cross-promotion” is a term you should keep in your back pocket and use frequently.

But the speaker many were most excited to see may have been the presentation by one of the industry’s biggest success stories.

Dani Johnson, who famously went from homeless to millionaire in two years, built a foundation for success through her experience early on as a home-based business owner.

“What you learn from me today,” she said early in her two-hour presentation, “you’ll use in every area of your life.”

She’s since expanded and built a highly successful business empire that touches entrepreneurs throughout the world.

As she did in her “Training with the Masters” presentation the day before, Johnson emphasized the difference between amateurs and professionals — whether it is a singer or a business owner — and explained key traits professionals possess that amateurs do not.

Johnson encouraged attendees to learn from the leaders who are where they want to be.

“If they’re more successful than you, shut up, pay attention and take notes,” she said. “Do what they tell you to do.”

Even more, for the leaders, “what you hand out will come back to you. … Help people get what they want and you will get what you want.”

Recognizing Achievements

Entertainment — from a horn band and salsa dancers at the outset to the USANA original Cranial Crunch live game show — kept the audience engaged and screaming for more.

Merriwether and fellow co-hosts Lori Truman, USANA Executive Director of Field Development, and Nathan Schooley, USANA Field Development Coordinator, did an expert job of keeping the show moving while weaving in recognition throughout.

Advancements of all levels were recognized. Videos showcased many of the exotic locations USANA sent Associates in the last year. Check out the Growth 25 highlights…

If you’re unable to view the video, please visit the USANA YouTube channel.

And sought-after Apple products — including more than a dozen iPads — were awarded to winners of the XRC Incentive.

A Surprise or Two

As with any XRC, there’s always a surprise or two. This time it proved to be news that the Health & Freedom Solution — USANA’s award-winning business development tool — is now available for download online via iTunes.

“Regardless of where you go, you can always give a presentation to any particular group,” said Roy Truett, USANA Chief Operating Officer, who explained the re-worked H&F Solution could be personalized to meet the user’s needs.

For those who opted to spend Saturday learning from the some of USANA’s best and brightest, chances are the returns will make the effort worthwhile.

“The absolute most important thing is personal development,” said Dr. Denis Waitley. “The Olympian within is sitting in every seat in this room.”

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