Kate Northrup Moller

USANA is a family business for Kate Northrup Moller. She started taking products when her aunt and uncle, 1-Star Diamond Directors Penny and Phil Kirk, introduced USANA to her mother, Dr. Christiane Northrup. Kate was 12. She’s been using the products ever since.

While a freshman at Brown University, 18-year-old Kate took the next step and started her own USANA business.

“I knew enough about network marketing and USANA to know that it would be a smart way for me to invest a bit in my financial future while I was young,” Kate told What’s Up, USANA? “After four years at Brown I was able to create enough residual income that I didn’t ever have to get a ‘real’ job after graduating!”

What really attracted Kate to network marketing was the freedom that comes with it. Both of Kate’s parents are doctors and have earned above-average incomes Kate’s whole life, but they didn’t have a lot of time freedom. Their busy schedules meant being at the office all day, making rounds on the weekends, staying up all night on call, or missing holidays.

That kind of life didn’t appeal to Kate. Working for someone else and answering to them wasn’t the path she wanted to take. Kate saw, and continues to see, network marketing as a way to create a life that really works for her — on her own terms.

Embracing Technology

Kate with her mom and sister

Now 29, Kate has created the time and financial freedom she craves.

“To me it’s not about the cars or fancy houses,” Kate said. “It’s about quality time with the people I love the most. … I have been able to create freedom that most people only dream of at a relatively young age. I look at my friends who have tens of thousands of dollars in student loans and are working at jobs that they hate and I’m simply grateful and humbled by the fact that my experience has been different.”

As a member of Gen-Y, Kate has not only embraced the Internet and social media, she’s turned it into a way to grow her business. It’s a great avenue for meeting people and attracting those who we want to work with, she says. But only if it’s done authentically.

“If we use it simply as a tool for broadcasting, it won’t work. I love meeting new friends who are interested in the same things as me through Twitter and Facebook — and also reconnecting with people from my past. Also, blogging has been an incredible way for me to build an audience who’s attracted to my approachable, real-life inspiration style.”

Sharing Wisdom

Kate and her team attend USANAfest.

At USANA’s 20th Anniversary International Convention this past August, Kate shared her social media wisdom with Associates from around the world. Her biggest takeaway: “What a beautiful family we have in USANA”

“There were so many people who came up to me afterward and were genuinely grateful for the information,” she said of the experience. “They asked great questions, they were engaged, and they were so present. I was really impressed by how much people really wanted to learn and how hungry they were for the information. That’s what I love about USANA so much: Everyone is committed to their own continued education and engagement in living.”

Over the years, Kate has learned to keep things simple, or at least try to. She does admit to having a penchant for overcomplicating things. “I’m always wanting to reinvent the wheel and come up with some fancy new way to do things. What I’ve learned is that I can absolutely use my creativity in the way I relate to people and in how my team culture is created. But I’ve had to constantly remind myself to keep it simple and bring it back to basics. Invite, present, follow up, enroll, train. Rinse and repeat.”

Expanding Influence

Kate and her boyfriend, Mike Watts

Kate has parlayed her success and her ability to relate with people into a number of outside projects, including a talk show and an upcoming book.

Kate’s online talk show, Glimpse TV, was borne out of conversations with “wonderful people doing amazing things.” On the show, Kate features thought leaders, inspirational change makers and other people she finds interesting. “I love having a platform to share the great work and the fascinating people on this planet,” she said.

Hay House will publish Kate’s first book, Money: A Love Story, in spring 2013. In the book, Kate shares what she’s learned working with hundreds of people in her USANA business and at Women and Wealth workshops.

“What I noticed working with people — and in my own life — is that it’s not so much not knowing what actions steps to take that keeps us from achieving financial freedom,” Kate said. “Instead, for most people it’s a lack of self-value that blocks them from making the kind of money they’d like to make.”

The book teaches people how to relate to their money and themselves in a more loving way. It also teaches the mindset necessary to create true freedom and choice in life. “If you continue to take financial actions with the mindset that the only way to get ahead is to trade hours for dollars and work harder and harder then you’ll never create the life you desire,” Kate explained.

Reaching Higher

The life Kate desires is already in her grasp. Though she still has goals to reach. The most pressing: first, reach Diamond rank and second, become a mom. “I think I’ll take a bit of time off after having a baby, but honestly I love this business so much, and I’m so connected to my team, I can’t imagine retiring from this business,” Kate said.

“We [Kate and her boyfriend, Director Mike Watts] decided to call our team The Freedom Family because that’s what we’re really about: helping people grow through a supportive community that feels like they really belong. So much so that it feels like family.”

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    Tim Haran says:

    Kate is definitely an inspiration. She knows the value of living life to the fullest and is always generous with her time to help others recognize their potential.

    Plus, she’s a rock star on social media!

    Nice job telling a remarkable story, Jessica. Love these “Celebrating Your Story” features!


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