Mother of 6 Makes USANA Her Way of Life

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Jane Martin watches as her two youngest children head down their snowy driveway in Pennsylvania to catch their school bus. This busy mother of six and USANA Silver Director playfully calls out to the two boys, inquiring about the hugs and kisses they usually leave her with.

They turn back toward her with smiles on their faces and their arms wide open. After leaving her with their hugs, Jane watches as they make it safely back to the waiting bus.

Like any parent, Jane has her family on her mind constantly. She is a wife, mom and homemaker, but oftentimes finds herself filling the role of teacher, trainer, counselor, doctor, hairdresser and warrior for her family as well.

But she admits she has nothing but peace in her heart when it comes to their health because she knows she has given them the best.

A Blessing in Disguise

Merle and Jane Martin

Merle and Jane Martin

Jane and her husband, Merle, have dedicated their lives to serving others through ministry. So when an opportunity in Abbeville, S.C., presented itself eight years ago, the Martins knew they needed to make a move. While Jane admits it was the hardest move of her life, she believes it was for the best.

“We had moved our family, just had our sixth child, and I felt like the health products I was taking just weren’t ‘cutting it’. I was praying for the Lord to show me something different and better in life,” Jane recalls. “I knew my prayers were answered when I was introduced to USANA Associate Crystal Yoder. I wondered then if this hard move in my life had anything to do with my future journey with USANA.”

After three years in South Carolina, the Martins moved to their current home in Lititz, Pa., and Jane has remained focused on keeping USANA in her family’s life no matter what.

“When we moved back, we almost had to start over in a way. Before, we lived on two acres and had everything we wanted. Today we live in a very modest small home on one acre and we make it work. We meet our needs, but we are disciplined,” Jane says. “No matter what happens to us financially, it is our personal goal to always provide our children with USANA vitamins and continue our ministry work.”

Over the last eight years, Jane’s journey with USANA has given her experiences and opportunities she wouldn’t trade for anything. She has become a very vocal advocate of USANA’s products as well as the business, which she didn’t consider in the beginning. But Jane has dedicated herself to being able to help others understand the true meaning of health and financial freedom.

The Martin Family: Maison, Brin, Jane, Brooke, Merle, Breanna, Tanner.

The Martin Family: Maison, Brin, Jane, Brooke, Merle, Breanna, Tanner (Brandi pictured below).

Living Life Her Way

While USANA may be considered Jane’s “job,” she admits her main focus will always be on her husband, her six children (who range in age from seven to 20), and their ministry work.

And USANA? That fits just perfectly into her life.

“I don’t want to know where I would be if I hadn’t been on this health journey with USANA,” she says. “When I visualize where it has taken me and where it will take me, I can’t wait for the future. My whole life I have wanted to touch lives, and thanks to USANA, I can.”

Jane's oldest daughter, Brandi. Photo credit:

Jane’s oldest daughter, Brandi. Photo credit:

Armed with her ministry, Health 4 Hope, Jane is committed to making a difference in the lives not only around her, but across the world, and she did just that by sending vitamins to Africa in October 2013.

“Christian missionaries from our church were going to Ghana to work in a health clinic so I asked if it would be OK if I donated some vitamins for those who came to the clinic. When I was given the OK, I got in touch with everyone I knew and we were able to ship 150 bottles over to Ghana,” Jane says with a smile. “I get so passionate when I can serve!”

With USANA, Jane has had many opportunities to serve others. Whether it is paying the bills for a single mother of seven children or providing clothing and transportation to another family, Jane and her family remain committed to using their finances to benefit the lives of others.

Leaving a Legacy

As the mother of six and the grandmother of her first USANA grandbaby due later this summer, Jane feels extraordinarily blessed to have been given the opportunities she has been granted in life.

She spends her life serving her family, her USANA family, and her ministry, and she is overwhelmed with the desire to teach others about the USANA way of life.

When asked about what her USANA business has given her, Jane is overcome with emotion. “Everything,” she says simply. “USANA has been a vehicle, in both health and wealth, that has allowed me to dream and bless others. I want nothing more than for people to remember me as a giving and caring person. That is the legacy I want to live and leave for others.”

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