Canada FlagWhere will future Team USANA athletes originate? How about the world champions of dance, skiing, waterskiing, swimming, horseback riding and more?

I believe some of the finest future athletes in the world are already in the USANA family. Last week we introduced you to a few. Today we will share two more stories.

Financial freedom and a healthy USANA lifestyle enable many USANA Associates to dedicate time and financial resources to sports and activities their children enjoy.

We asked several USANA Canada Associates how USANA has helped them and how has that enabled their kids to excel and participate in recreational activities. Their answers highlight how USANA improves lives of not only the Associates but also greatly enriches the lives of their children — future champions.

This is the second installment. Read the first post featuring other potential future USANA champions.

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Lavender Morantz, Ruby Director

Self-described serial entrepreneur Lavender Morantz began her career with USANA not long before she learned she was pregnant with her daughter.

CA Young Athletes - Lavender Morantz

Lavender and Winslowe.

Winslowe, who is now 3 years old, is the epitome of a USANA baby.

“She’s healthy, bright, sassy and always happy,” Lavender says. “She is very active, and very interested in … well, everything. I am so grateful for her radiant health every day. She’s absolutely the love of my life!”

Winslowe loves to be active. She currently does ballet, swims, skis, plays the piano and adores camping. “I am sure she will continue to find more things she loves,” her mom says. “I just hope I can keep up!”

Winslowe is in pre-school now, but any time mother and daughter want, they can take a day, week, or month off together to do the things they enjoy. The year Winslowe turned 1, they took 12 trips together in 12 months.

“There are only so many firsts you get to witness as a mom, and I don’t want to miss a thing,” Lavender says.

Lavender has been an athlete much of her life: competitive show jumping, dressage, ballet, gymnastics, board sports of every kind — and the list goes on. It’s surely rubbing off on Winslowe.

Lavender’s happy to be in the best health of her life, and she never imagined feeling better in her 30s than she ever did in her teens or 20s. “It allows me to keep up with my wild little girl, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“The values kids learn at a young age stay with them for life, and I am so grateful that our health and our freedom are front and center thanks to USANA,” Lavender says.

Shirlea Frederick, Gold Director

Shirlea Frederick’s sister and 3-Star Diamond Director Susanne Cunningham introduced her to USANA in 1995. Three years later Shirlea was raising three young children, including daughter Alexis.

“As my business continued to grow, Alexis’ love of dance grew,” Shirlea says. “Each year as she added more dance classes and more dance trips, my USANA income also continued to grow. Much of the income I earned was invested in her dance career.”

The flexibility a home-based business offers allowed for the stay-at-home mom to shuttle Alexis to her many dance classes and to take part in her daughter’s growing passion.

As Alexis has grown as a dancer — and has done many solos in ballet, hip hop and jazz — the time commitment for her to practice has grown and the financial investment has increased as well.

Alexis, second from left on front row, at ballet practice.

Alexis, second from left on front row, at ballet practice.

“The USANA income has totally been the income that has allowed Alexis to be able to dance in so many disciplines and travel to the many cities she has travelled,” Shirlea says.

Dancing has helped shape Alexis’ life and she has grown up to be a self-confident young woman who works hard and has developed amazing poise and public-speaking abilities.

“She has learned what it takes to work hard and the pride she can have when she works hard and accomplishes her dreams,” Shirlea says. “She has learned to sacrifice some things in life for the sake of her dance career and the rewards that come with working hard for a dream and a goal.”

For Shirlea, USANA has changed her life in that it allowed her the time and financial freedom to help her children fulfill their dreams of the sporting activities they have loved to do. And for Alexis, in particular, it’s allowed her to dance as much as she wants and to travel extensively the past five years to further her dance career.

“My commitment to continue working at my USANA business comes from wanting to give my children the best that they can have in life, including a wonderful dance career that will have memories for Alexis for a lifetime!” Shirlea says.

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