We reached a milestone. In 22 years, we’ve paid out $2.5 billion in commissions. That’s a big, impressive number. What we’re most excited about is the next $2.5 billion our Associates and Preferred Customers earn and all the lives they’ll change in the process.

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It’s a big number — $2.5 billion. It’s obviously very impressive. But what’s even more impressive than all those zeros is the amount of hard work it takes to earn such a lofty sum.

And you did it.

We just reached $2.5 billion US in commissions paid — each one earned by someone who used the money to love life and live it. And it’s certainly money well spent.

Here’s USANA Chief Financial Officer Paul Jones with more:


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Just think of what was made possible by each and every dollar. Bills paid. Kids educated. Cars paid off. Houses purchased. Financial stress turned into freedom. Dreams realized. Lives changed — nine million of them so far.

What you did, and what you will do, makes a difference. Whether it’s physical or financial, you’re changing lives. You have the unique opportunity to live the life of your dreams while positively impacting others—and that’s a feeling you can’t measure in dollars, yen, pesos, or euros.

We should definitely take time to celebrate this big accomplishment. But we also need to realize this is only the beginning.

The USANA family is strong and growing stronger. Just look at the compensation plan enhancements announced at the 2013 International Convention. They will make it even easier to earn your share of the next $2.5 billion.* It would be an understatement to say that the future looks bright.

2.5 billion - growing strong 1That’s why we’re looking forward to the next $2.5 billion you earn. We’re looking forward to the next nine million lives you change in the process. We’re looking forward to sharing in the joy you find and the new dreams you realize. And we’re looking forward to doing everything we can to help you love life and live it.

The Next $2.5 Billion: #GrowingStrong

In fact, we want to know right now: What are you planning to do with your slice of the next $2.5 billion?

Is it a new car, an exotic vacation, another chance to give back? Let us know using the #GrowingStrong hashtag on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.)!

Editor’s Note: A version of this story originally appeared on USANAtoday.com. To read a translated version of this article, please visit USANAtoday.com.

* $76,000 is the average yearly income for an established, full-time USANA Associate. $25,000 is the annual average of those who earned as little as one commission check each month. Total earnings include commissions, Leadership Bonus, Matching Bonus, contests, and incentive compensation. The number of full-time Associates who have maxed at least 1 Business Center during the year equals less than 1% of all Associates. Those Associates earning as little as one check a month and associated with USANA for more than six months equals 3% of all ordering Associates. If you include all 135,590 ordering Associates, which includes: Associates not actively building a business (acting as wholesale buyers), Associates who just joined (as little as one day), and those who are just beginning to build their customer base, the average yearly income is still $616.72 with nearly one in three earning a check. To date, USANA has had more than 200 global Associates become lifetime Million Dollar Club members.

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