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Make Summer Reading Fun

Remember summertime when you were a kid and you’d grab your favorite book (mine was The Babysitters Club) to read under the tree outside your house? Things are different now. Most kids pick up their smart phone, their iPad, or any other electronic device before they even think about cracking open a book. Your kids […]

Family Focus: End the Bullying

Is your child a victim of bullying? Chances are high they are or they may even be bullying someone else. The National Center for Educational Statistics said in 2015 that one in four children were being bullied. And that number is most likely much higher because 64 percent of cases are never reported. There are several types of […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Communicating with Teens

I’ve been the mother of a teenager now for the past three years, and believe me, I am no expert in communicating with teens. But, I have learned some very valuable lessons. If you have a teen, you know how hard it is to talk to these adorable little humans because they are so distracted by […]

7 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids This Fall

I absolutely love this time of year. The crunch of leaves, the gorgeous colors everywhere and so many fun things to do as a family! Now is the perfect time to get your loved ones together and plan some family-friendly activities. Why? It will not only affect your mood, but also your well-being. Dr. Mike Dow, author […]

My First Rogers Cup and Genie Bouchard!

This past weekend, I had the great pleasure of attending my first Rogers Cup event in Toronto. And boy, was I amazed. Not only was the site incredible, but the players were so gracious, and the USANA booth looked top notch (thanks to our outstanding distributors in Toronto). For those of you who may not be familiar with the […]

Family Focus: Purposeful Parenting Month

Since it’s Purposeful Parenting Month, I thought I would devote this post to improving family relationships. Purposeful parenting means being more present, open, and available to your children. Basically, it means you’ll take just a little more time to parent your kids instead of watching your favorite TV show or checking your cell phone. Maybe […]