Hashtags: A Guide for Beginners

You’re probably no stranger to hashtags. In recent years, we’ve seen the use of the pound sign increase, and it’s not because we’re using it on our phones. Hashtags aren’t just trendy—they have a purpose. They have become a key way…
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Business Lessons Learned Playing Fantasy Sports

As one of the 57.4 million people who play fantasy sports, I count the days until so-called "draft season." I completed my first of five live fantasy baseball drafts a couple weeks ago. When I wasn't "on the clock" to add another player…
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Why Your Business Needs a Blog (and How to Get Started)

Running your own business can be hard. It requires a lot of time, dedication, and persistence. You have to worry about time management, increasing sales, managing supply and demand, and answering all those e-mails. Of course, if…