high protein diet

Pro Tips for a High Protein Diet

Protein. It’s one of the most important topics when it comes to improving your physique. Muscle is made of protein. So naturally, if you boost your protein intake, you’ll build muscle. But not all high protein diets are created equal. So,…
mens health tips

It’s Raining Men’s Health Tips, Hallelujah

  June is Men’s Health Month.  And sometimes us manly-men, guy’s guys have trouble acknowledging our health issues or that our bodies need different care as we get older. And unfortunately, rubbing some dirt on it or a stiff…
history of vitamins
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The History and Discovery of Vitamins Through The Ages

A History of Vitamin Discovery Throughout the Ages There’s no question that the nutrients we take in play a major role in our health. In fact, we’ve got centuries of trial and error to prove it. If it wasn’t for hundreds of years…
InCelligence Unlocks the Code for Personalized Optimal Health
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USANA InCelligence™ Unlocks Vibrant Health

  Hey there readers! Tomorrow, April 7, is World Health Day. And to celebrate, we are highlighting the newest way USANA is working toward our founder Dr. Myron Wentz’ vision of creating the healthiest family on earth: creating…
brain power nutrition

Nutrition is King: Supporting Healthy Brain Function

 What You Need To Know You probably are aware that there is a lot of information on how to support healthy brain function via what you eat.  Well, rest at ease, because this guidebook is intended to do some of the heavy lifting for…
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5 Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

Valentine’s Day! Yay or groan, depending on your personal relationship with the holiday. Okay, by nature I’m a cynical person so fuzzy holidays tend to make my eyes roll REAL far in the back of my head. Last Valentine’s Day I ended up…