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USANA believes in a brighter future. We dream of a world free from pain and suffering, and we want to improve the lives of others for generations to come. Our endless drive to advance the science of nutrition is motivated by a desire to create meaningful connections with our customers and communities.

USANA is proud to release its first annual sustainability report, aiming to provide a high-level view of how it manages its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities and other issues important to its business and stakeholders. The report describes USANA’s progress for the 2020 fiscal year.

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Our first formal sustainability report has helped us establish a baseline on all fronts and will guide us on upcoming sustainability projects for years ahead. USANA has spent the last three decades investing in our people and the planet, but we know we have more work to do. We will continue to push for excellence and integrity in all our efforts.

Our Definition of Sustainability

At USANA, we define our approach to sustainability as the process through which we meet the needs of today without compromising our ability to meet the needs of the future. Our core values—health, excellence, integrity, and community—drive every decision we make. We strive to create the healthiest family on earth by empowering the individual and embracing our diversity. We understand that healthy bodies need a healthy planet to thrive. We eagerly accept the duties of environmental stewardship, sustainable packaging, and responsible sourcing. Community is at our core. Each day, we look for ways to be better listeners and positively collaborate with our communities. We always strive to improve the well-being of each individual person and place we impact.

By committing to social and environmental responsibilities, we place greater value in our planet, our people, and our business. USANA believes in a brighter future.

Our Three Pillars of Sustainability
People, planet, and product anchor our pillars of sustainability and social responsibility. Here are a few key takeaways from each priority:

1. People

We are committed to prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion; community engagement; talent development and management; employee health, safety, and well-being.

  • $2 million+ provided in reimbursement to employees through USANA’s Tuition Reimbursement Program
  • 70% of our Associates are female entrepreneurs
  • 90% of USANA employees believe their supervisor, or someone at work, cares about them as a person
  • 86% of USANA employees believe they have opportunities to learn and grow
  • In 2020, we formed a cross-functional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council responsible for developing enterprise-wide goals and strategies in three areas:
    • Raising awareness of the unique diversity within our organization and putting policies in place to support an inclusive culture
    • Strengthening career development opportunities for diverse employees
    • Increasing engagement in our communities through philanthropy and employee volunteering

2. Planet

The healthiest bodies need a healthy, protected planet to live in, so we are committed to sustainable packaging, waste management, and greenhouse gas management.

  • USANA reused and recycled more than 50% of cardboard, plastic, and paper waste in its operations
  • USANA saves an average of 2.67 million gallons of water per year through several water-saving initiatives
  • USANA is transitioning to 25% Post Consumer Recycled materials for its bottles in specific markets, along with shifting to smaller bottles to reduce plastic usage

3. Products

We strive for excellence from ideation to distribution as highlighted in our efforts to insure responsible sourcing, as well as product quality and safety.

  • Creating supplementation and wellness products for 24 markets, USANA has invested $10.6 million into scientific research and development
  • When developing and manufacturing our products, we follow the highest applicable industry quality standards, including CGMPs and those established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
  • Products manufactured by third-party suppliers are also required to pass quality control and assurance procedures to ensure they conform to our stringent specifications
  • We conduct manufacturing, production, and quality control for approximately 65% of our products in our own facilities

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