Dr. Rob Sinnott Explains How USANA InCelligence Technology Promotes Cellular Health

At last year’s International Convention, USANA introduced the concept of influencing cell signaling through nutrition and the impact that has, and will have, on USANA going forward. The new products released at that time and the science that…

Ask the Scientists: Best of 2016

USANA's health and science education department created the ultimate resource website called Ask The Scientists. The website is a place where you can find answers to questions about USANA products or health and science topics. Here are links…
fruits and vegetables
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Are Fruits and Vegetables the Keys to Living Longer?

Everyone knows that we need to eat our fruits and vegetables. Whether we do it or not is another story, but we all know that we should be eating them. So how do you think you do? The current recommendations are 2-4 servings of fruit per…

Pour Some (Facts About) Sugar On Me

Alright, before we get started with all this talk about sugar, let’s remember something super important: Maroon 5 has a song titled Sugar. It’s sort of terrible yet awesome at the same time (and it’s ALWAYS stuck in my head). Whew.…
Skipping Breakfast

Skipping Breakfast Increases Your Risk for Diabetes & Weight Gain

I have always been the person who packed a travel mug full of coffee and heads out the door...probably even before I should have been drinking coffee in the first place. I claimed that eating breakfast made my stomach hurt. I felt nauseous.…
Health and Science Education

Introducing USANA’s Health and Science Education Team

USANA’s new health and science education department was created to help us all understand and master the science behind USANA’s top-quality products. And while the department may be new, the scientists on this team have plenty of experience.…