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Hand Holding Fish Oil Supplements in Pool
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Sam Pedlow: Beach Volleyball’s Peaceful Warrior

In professional beach volleyball, the gap between advancing in a tournament and losing out on a payday is slim. In a sport full of athletes who are all similarly skilled and performing at their physical best, the key is to find that extra something…

How to Pick Fish Oil Supplements: 4 Things to Know

Maybe you’re not an expert on nutritional supplements. Odds are you’ve heard about fish oil and its health benefits, though. It’s often in the news. You have so many options for fish oil supplements. How do you choose a supplement…

Train Better … Train Smarter

Editor’s Note: The following post was written by Billy Demong, Olympic U.S. Ski Team Nordic Combined athlete, 2010 gold medalist, and USANA Brand Ambassador. You can also find a version of this article on doctoroz.com. In the world…
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Supplement Spotlight: Focus on Fitness

Fitness isn’t something that you can achieve and be done with — it’s something to maintain throughout your life. And every time you decide to work out during your lunch hour, or even take the stairs instead of the elevator, you’re…