Social Media: Get Your Event Guests Sharing

Entrepreneurs are experts at using social media to help generate buzz leading up to their meetings or events. But when the big day arrives, organizers are focused on ensuring the meeting room is set up properly, the audio-visual equipment…

Hey! Here Are 5 Tips to Help You Focus

I’m not good at focusing. Want proof? In the process of trying to write this blog, I: Watched four YouTube videos Created a playlist on Spotify called “Focus Schmocus” Checked Twitter about 100 times Read basically the entire…

Top 5 Business Tips to Help Women Succeed

There’s no denying it. The world has changed a lot over the past 50 years. The corporate landscape has started to shift, resulting in greater opportunities for growth and development—particularly for women. Now, more and more women…

Blogging Strategies to Build Your Brand

Isn't blogging so 2005? I mean, today we obsessively scroll through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. Then we stare on sites like YouTube, Snapchat, WeChat, Meerkat and Periscope—all of which are fighting for our attention…

Why You Need to Embrace Digital Communications

For today's business owners, one thing is certain: You need to wholeheartedly embrace digital communications to not only thrive, but also to simply survive. Don't take that to be gloom-and-doom if you haven't yet integrated this sort of communication…
Social Strategy - Featured

4 Keys to a Strong Social Strategy

A solid social strategy is crucial for today's business owners. Actually, a strong business strategy is what's most important. Your social strategy should complement your overall business plan. It should serve as a tool to help you achieve…