Facebook Events

Événements sur Facebook : éléments indispensables de votre stratégie de planification d’événements

Qui d’autre utilise Facebook comme aide-mémoire? Pour souhaiter un bon anniversaire à un collègue, ou pour mettre un visage à un nom, ou encore pour retrouver le nom du restaurant où, lorsque vous étiez en vacances en 2010, vous avez…
Facebook Events

Facebook Events: Key to Your Event-Planning Strategy

Who else uses Facebook to help them remember stuff? From wishing your co-worker a happy birthday to helping you match a face to a name from that time in 2010 when you went on vacation but can’t recall the restaurant where you had the most…
On Facebook, Think Twice and Click Once

On Facebook, Think Twice and Click Once (or Not at All)

A scroll through a Facebook newsfeed can play Ping-Pong with your emotions. Inspiring and depressing. Funny and sad. Hopeful and hopeless. The ride can be dizzying. Take this heartbreaking news item, for instance: "Dog badly burned and…

How to See the Things You Want to See on Facebook

It’s election season. You know what that means right? It means that you’ll want to be hiding a lot of posts on Facebook. Remember when Facebook used to not even allow photos or links to websites? Those were the good ol’ days of social…

Why Should I Create Facebook Lists?

If you've heard me talk about Facebook, chances are you've heard me extol the wonders that are Facebook Lists. I truly believe lists are one of the most underrated aspects of Facebook, especially if you are serious about using your Facebook…
Facebook Privacy

How to Manage Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Let's face it: Some things we post on Facebook aren't intended for the world to see. Photos of you holding your newborn niece are probably best viewed only by family and real-life friends. And that rant about the jerk who plowed snow…