Jumpstart Your Healthy Weight | 5-Day RESET

Are you powerless in the face of a brownie, cupcake, or [insert sweet treat here]? Are you fed up (literally) with your cravings for chips, French fries, or [insert your favorite indulgence here]? You’re not alone. If you’re tired of…
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Two Layers, Singular Liver Support with Hepasil DTX™

If you’ve read The Healthy Home—the New York Times bestseller written by USANA founder Dr. Myron Wentz and USANA CEO Dave Wentz—you realize that there are so many more toxins in our environment than we ever would have imagined: PTFE…
InCelligence Unlocks the Code for Personalized Optimal Health
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USANA InCelligence™ Unlocks Vibrant Health

  Hey there readers! Tomorrow, April 7, is World Health Day. And to celebrate, we are highlighting the newest way USANA is working toward our founder Dr. Myron Wentz’ vision of creating the healthiest family on earth: creating…

7 Books To Inspire You To Live Your Best Life

There is no time like the present, and every day is an opportunity to strive to reach new goals and better yourself.  There is always room for improvement! With that in mind, we rounded up some of our favorite books to help inspire you…
Top 5 Apps To Help You Sleep Better Tonight // What's Up, USANA?

Our Top 5 Apps To Help You Sleep Better Tonight

Lately, it seems like more and more people are talking about the effect sleep – or lack of sleep – has on our health. This isn’t anything new.  In fact, we’ve talked about it before on the blog. But technology tends to get a pretty…

InCelli…What Now? USANA InCelligence Technology Explained

“I don’t think I’m smart enough for this job anymore!” Feeling overwhelmed, I uttered these words to my coworkers one day while we were all sitting in the marketing room at USANA’s corporate office. I had been given the opportunity…