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Supplement Spotlight: USANA Loves Heart Health Month

Did you know February is American Heart Health Month? It seems only fitting that the month we see so many fun Valentine hearts floating around is also the month we are asked to remember the physical state of our hearts by being more health…
Heart Health

This Valentine’s Day, Keep it Heart Healthy

Well it’s almost that time of year. We all see it. The hearts, the candy, the flower bouquets, the red, and the pink. You see it in stores starting precisely the day after Christmas, just like clockwork. It is the holiday for showing love…

What is a Healthy Heart Rate?

You may already know some heart health basics, but it’s possible that some of the details remain a mystery. It’s common knowledge that your heart is beating 24/7 to pump blood through your body, but what is a healthy heart rate? What is…
Weight Heart Health

How Does Weight Affect Heart Disease?

February is heart health month. If you are like many, the determination of a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and be healthier may already be starting to wane. The following should give your resolve to lose or maintain a healthy weight…

Proflavanol C100 Can Help Protect Good Free Radicals*

Français | Español | 中文 When it comes to cardiovascular health, how well your blood vessels relax is everything. This process is called vasodilation. It controls blood flow, blood pressure, and ensures that blood gets to the tips of…

Body Benefits of Cardio with Kathy

It's Heart Health Month, so we asked our fitness guru, Kathy Kaehler, what the benefits of cardio exercise are and the best ways we can target the heart to get results our entire body will love. Here's what she had to say... Body Benefits…