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Tricks for Treats: Healthy Halloween Swaps Infographic

Sometimes all it takes is a little trick to make a treat both tasty and healthy. From October 1 to All Hallows’ Eve, share these scary-simple sugar swaps to support USANA’s vision for a healthy lifestyle—all without groans from the neighborhood…
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Why Your Business Needs a Blog (and How to Get Started)

Running your own business can be hard. It requires a lot of time, dedication, and persistence. You have to worry about time management, increasing sales, managing supply and demand, and answering all those e-mails. Of course, if…

A Basic How-To on Periscope

What is Periscope and Why Do I Care? Another day, another new social media site to keep track of. They sprout up one day, and the next day they’re gone. So, no one will blame you if you wait awhile before committing to “the next Facebook.”…