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Heart Health

Supplement Spotlight: USANA Loves Heart Health Month

Did you know February is American Heart Health Month? It seems only fitting that the month we see so many fun Valentine hearts floating around is also the month we are asked to remember the physical state of our hearts by being more health…
Looking and Feeling Younger

Celebrity Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger – Even in the Grip of Menopause

When you train some of the biggest names in entertainment – an industry bursting with youthful energy – you have to not only keep up, but also set the pace. I’ve been in the health and fitness business for more than 20 years, training…

Proflavanol C100 Can Help Protect Good Free Radicals*

Français | Español | 中文 When it comes to cardiovascular health, how well your blood vessels relax is everything. This process is called vasodilation. It controls blood flow, blood pressure, and ensures that blood gets to the tips of…

Proflavanol C100 puede ayudar a proteger los radicales libres buenos*

Cuando hablamos de la salud cardiovascular, la capacidad de los vasos sanguíneos de relajarse es de suma importancia. A este proceso se le llama vasodilatación y es el responsable de controlar el flujo sanguíneo y la presión arterial, y…

USANA葡萄籽精華C100有助於保護良好自由基 *

Immunity Featured

Supplement Spotlight: Support Your Immune System

This time of year can be stressful. You may be traveling to visit family or worried about the holidays and finding the right gifts for everyone. It can be both mentally and physically exhausting. With all these extra stresses, it’s clear:…