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USANA Lifestyle : Lucy Chen的美丽蜕变

每个人都有想改变生活的时候。而对于Lucy Chen来说,生活方式的彻底改变却从急诊室开始的。
Bike to Work Day

It’s as Easy as Riding a Bike (to Work)

When I first moved to Germany, I got off the train at the Hauptbahnhof, walked outside and saw bike rack upon bike rack overflowing with bicycles of all different ages and styles. My first thought was, “this must be a used bike shop.” Coming…
USANA Athlete

This Athlete Couldn’t ‘Weight’ to Get His Hands on USANA

As a competitive weightlifter, John Sammarco knows the importance of health—training up to six times a week for nearly three hours a day. John understands in order to be at the top of his sport he needs to take the best nutritionals. So,…

USANA Associate Turns Spartan Race Obstacles into Victories

Living the #USANAlifestyle means a number of things for different people. For some, it’s the ability to travel the world and experience new cultures. And for others, it’s the chance to be their own boss. For USANA Associate Susanna Burger,…
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United by #USANALifestyle Photo Contest

Are you ready for some healthy competition? It’s time for our second annual Influencer Magazine Instagram contest. This year, we want to feature you, living the #USANAlifestyle. All you have to do is show us a snapshot of your #USANAlifestyle.…
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Concurso de fotos “Unidos por el #USANAlifestyle”

¿Está listo para un poco de sana competencia? Es momento del segundo concurso anual de Instagram de la revista Influencer. Este año, queremos exhibirlo en la revista mostrando cómo vive el #USANAlifestyle (estilo de vida USANA). Lo…