Being #USANA14’s Man on the Street (In a Floppy Hat)

I learned a lot of lessons at #USANA14. I hope you did, too. But there was one thing that was bigger and more important than the rest. Come in close, and I’ll share it. You don’t wear a floppy hat, you become one with it. Was it a…
Social Media Team at Convention

Our Rookie Debut at International Convention

International Convention is a sink-or-swim moment for every new USANA employee. So, two new members of the social media team have agreed to let you in on their 'make-or-break-you' experiences! From Taylor: “So, this is what it’s…
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Congrats to the #USANAselfie Winners!

The selfie craze that's sweeping the world lit up the 2014 USANA International Convention (#USANA14). About 4,500 photos tagged #USANAselfie were uploaded to Twitter or Instagram over the course of a week. In a word: Amazing! The Express…

#USANA14: My 5 Memorable Moments. What Are Yours?

Social media is most fun, for me at least, when thousands — on site and around the world — are participating. We haven't crunched the numbers yet but anecdotally, participation appeared to be at an all-time high during the just-completed…
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My 5K with Dr. Oz

What do you do when the USANA HR department asks you to run with Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of The Dr. Oz Show, in the 2014 USANA Champions for Change 5K? You say yes—that’s what you do. Or at least that’s what I did when the USANA Ragnar…
Grand Finale

#USANA14 Episode 4: The Grand Finale

In a word, bittersweet. It's really the only proper way to describe Saturday at #USANA14. I can't say I'm surprised. Every finale—every end—is like that. Joy cut with melancholy. Luckily, Saturday was heavy on the joy. Likely the…