The New What’s Up, USANA?

  Hello! My name is Sasha and I started as USANA’s manager of social media last November.  This is my first blog post on the award-winning What’s Up, USANA? How exciting! AND even more exciting, I get to announce the new…

The Best Superfoods for Beautiful Skin (Infographic)

What’s the trick to beautiful, healthy skin? Well, one of them is getting proper nutrition. A great way to get started is incorporating what’s known as superfoods into your diet. So what are superfoods? Superfoods are usually plant-based,…

Celebrate a Traditional Chinese New Year in 2017

Two celebrations mean twice the fun! You may have already celebrated The New Year on January 1st. Maybe it was a crazy celebration with millions of people in Time Square in New York. (It was a lifetime experience for me). I will be celebrating…


chinese soup recipes

8 Easy & Healthy Chinese Soup Recipes

I remember as a young girl, my mother would cook lotus root & rib soup for my family in the winter. The smell would waft into all the rooms, taunting my sister and me to run to the kitchen to have the first taste of the soup. I live…

专访USANA CEO: 产品品质是USANA持续成长的主要动力

USANA CEO Kevin Guest认为,从一开始,USANA和其持续成长的主要驱动力,来自我们产品的品质,以及那些因为关心健康和营养,而持续使用USANA产品的顾客。