Ambassador Spotlight: Going Live with Real Stories

A pink glow seeps into the skies over Vancouver Island as the sun rises above the Salish Sea. And Julie Boyer is there, ready to snap the perfect shot—always looking for an inspiring piece of her life she can share to motivate and encourage others.

Julie is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, parent, and endurance athlete. She’s also a daily broadcaster of gratitude and positivity. On Facebook and Instagram, she goes live almost every day to share personal experiences or give guidance on how to live a life filled with optimism and gratitude.

Her live videos have reached thousands of people and helped her establish a strong foothold in the social media realm. Known now as the “Gratitude Guru,” Julie shares her tips and strategies with others so they can learn how to connect with the world simply by being themselves and sharing what they love.

Shining in the Crowded Sea of Social Media

Julie uses Facebook and Instagram to create her social media presence and knows the ins and outs of both platforms. So when she says using video features will help you stand out from the crowd, she really means it.

“Facebook and Instagram are heavily promoting their video features because they drive more engagement and share information more quickly,” she says. “So if you take advantage of these video features, you will notice that Facebook and Instagram will make your content more visible and you’ll receive higher engagement.”

She also says consistency is key when it comes to Facebook Live or Instagram Stories. If you make a habit of posting at a certain time each day, the people who follow you will more likely make a habit of watching your videos.

Sharing Your Real Self

Julie’s videos are short, sweet, and to the point. It’s clear she’s comfortable with being herself in front of the camera, and this makes her videos that much more relatable, fun, and easy to watch. And it shows in the amount of comments, likes, and messages she receives.

“I don’t make a big deal of my live videos. I don’t spend a ton of time doing my hair or makeup for them, but I’m just comfortable with doing my videos like that,” she says. “Other people might want to look really nice or rehearse a lot beforehand. Everybody is different when they’re being authentic. And that’s why live video features are so great. You can share yourself as honestly and authentically as you want.”

Social media platforms are a crowded place, but authenticity is becoming increasingly important if you want your voice to be heard. Live video features give people the unique opportunity to see you without the typical social media filter. It can be nerve-racking, but it shows how real and genuine you truly are.

“Social media is changing,” says Julie. “People want to see real faces, real stories, and real lives more then ever.”

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Julie’s Tips for Making Better Videos

  • Practice makes progress! Make goals to ensure you’re practicing often.
  • Take the 30-Day Facebook Live Challenge. Record and upload a video of yourself every day for 30 days. You can even stick to a theme like gratitude, self-care, health tips, etc.
  • Use good lighting. Don’t sit with a window behind you, and turn lights on if the room is too dark.
  • Use a stand to hold your phone while recording. There are also microphones that can be plugged into your phone for better audio. These are small, affordable items that can make your videos much more professional.
  • Remember, you can always choose to not post a Facebook Live you’ve recorded. If you don’t like, don’t post it.
  • Facebook Live also lets you download a video to your phone before you post it. Do this so you can upload the video to Instagram or other platforms, expanding your reach without the extra hassle.
  • Find a posting schedule that works for you and try it out to see how well people respond. Just be consistent. You can use scheduling apps to help remind you to stick to your schedule.
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  1. Penny Kirk
    Penny Kirk says:

    Thank you Julie for your great information! I appreciate the reality check of how often one needs to post in order to grow a following.


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