Ambassador Spotlight: Manifesting Confidence Through Content

Viola Hug—USANA Associate, Social Media Ambassador, and world traveler—radiates self-confidence and positivity. She’s all about embracing your ambitions. And as a successful entrepreneur, influencer on social, host of a brilliant podcast, teacher and mentor of others, and with her recently published a book, You’re an Abundant Babe, she is the epitome of ambitious.

After joining USANA in 2012, the connection between her USANA business and social media found serendipitous harmony. The more she shared her lifestyle on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the more interested others became, and the more she connected with customers. By sharing her genuine joy about USANA products, she continues to help others become part of the healthiest family on earth. Check out her stories on Instagram, maybe you’ll catch some USANA product shots or unboxings.

You might think only as her online following grew, did she gain the confidence to branch out to a podcast and book, but Viola firmly believes you have to act in courage in order to grow your confidence, which is something she’s always done. She wasn’t banking on an established social following before starting her podcast, and she didn’t wait until her podcast had x number of subscribers to write her book—she trusted in her passion to get a message out and acted on it.

“Act first, then you’ll get the results,” Viola says.

Mastering Authenticity

On social media, there’s a duality between glamourous, posed, targeted posts and candid, relatable, vulnerable posts. Reading any one of Viola’s latest Instagram posts, it’s easy to tell where she thrives—sharing her authentic self. Whether she’s sharing a video of the blissful waterfalls of Croatia, posting a delectable photo of vegan-eats and HealthPak™, or sharing a caption about a struggle she’s going through, she’s 100 percent herself.

Viola takes photos everywhere she goes, but she doesn’t feel pressure to post them right away. She’s made it a habit to capture her adventures traveling with her husband, but also focuses on staying in the moment, too, capturing the everyday moments of her life. As for writing her posts, she counts on inspiration to strike.

“I either write content when I’m inspired by something or have a story that’s on my mind to share. Sometimes, I’ll write out several different stories save some to share later on a day I’m not so inspired,” she explains.

 Creating Her Personal Brand

“It’s so easy to overthink this concept, so remember—people are looking to connect, and authenticity wins in today’s world,” she says.

When Viola first stared working on her personal brand, she had some roadblocks and doubts to overcome. She realized she didn’t quite know who she was. But as she kept digging to discover what she wanted to put out into the world, she started to learn more about who she was as a person and as an entrepreneur. For Viola, her brand started to flourish when she really invested and “showed up” in her work. As she’s grown her brand on various social outlets, she’s come to see Instagram as a “catalog [where others] learn about your lifestyle.

“The captions [of your posts] are how followers learn what you’re an expert on or what your mindset is, and the stories function as raw, real moments. Whether you’re glammed-up or lounging around, it’s like the reality TV of social media.”

An Instagram Artist

At USANA’s 2018 Global Convention, Viola was awarded Best Use of Color Scheme for her artistic Instagram feed. The artsy side of Instagram is one of her favorite aspects of the platform, and it shows. “It’s all about synergy. I really focus on the feeling of what’s behind the theme [of my pages]. You can create feeling through the way you use your photos,” she says.

If you scroll back far enough, you can see the evolution of Viola’s color schemes. The shades, values, and lighting have changed, but a theme is present. She’s sharing a warm, airy vibe that’s full of inviting energy and glowing colors.

Evolving on Social Media

Social media is constantly changing. It transforms how we interact with the internet, each other, and the world. There’s no doubt it will continue to change, and it will change how Associates like Viola do business and share their lives.

“I’m open to evolving with whatever happens. There was a time when these social platforms weren’t around, and now they are the biggest ways I build my brand. But it won’t be forever. There’s so much possibility. I know I’ll be okay because it’s not these platforms that are my brand, it’s me.”

Check out Viola’s pages on Instagram, Facebook, and her website, and you’ll gain a feisty, genuine, encouraging boss babe to shine light on your feed.

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